New Beginnings (Cafe Uno)

I love these guys so much because even though I set the date on a very short notice, they still made time for me. Thanks Karla, Fem, Milcah, KB and Kenn. I missed times like that where we can talk about anything under the sun and simply make that conversation epic.Finally, it was the first time I get to personally get in touch with them again after almost 2 months. It’s good to be back! :)


Place: Café Uno, Tomas Morato

It was roughly about 3 months ago where Karla, Fem and I saw this restaurant while having dinner at Amici (just across the street). We liked how the place looks so cozy and inviting. We didn’t know what it really was until we tried it out last night.

Okay. First of all, I forgot to take pictures of the exterior and interior of the restaurant, so this sort-of-restaurant-review is kind of FAIL. Haha! I’ll keep that in mind next time, don’t worry. But anyway, when we got there, we’re surprised to see Eugene Domingo at the second floor. She looks nice by the way.


The restaurant can be described in one word: SIMPLE. It looks so neat with the laminated wood flooring, white walls, wood tables and chairs, plus the white tablecloth. Their windows don’t have curtains which I think is nice but kind of disturbing because of the sun. I’m thinking of wearing sunglasses next time I eat there facing the window at sunset. They also have a balcony which I think is intended for smoking guests. I think they should’ve also put dining tables there aside from the wooden sofa sets to maximize the use of it.

I find their washroom cute. Their space-saving technique is brilliant. There’s a separate cubicle for women and men where they have a large mirror mounted above the toilet bowl. Haha! They have one common sink which is fine with me since the restaurant doesn’t really have room for many visitors. Just one thing they need to improve: LOCKS.

Food and Price:

I had pasta, bottomless iced tea and their “bestseller” chocolate cake. I love their iced tea! It tastes different. I’m not really a food enthusiast so I cannot accurately describe how the food tastes. Hahaha! I guess I’ll just warn you with the price. I paid 420php for my meal. Fair enough I guess, because I think I’m not just paying for the food itself but also for the sort-of privacy of the place. Hello, it’s a fine dining setting. What do you expect? By the way, they can only accommodate few guests so if you’re planning to eat there at night, better make reservations ahead.


I think their service is okay. Not too friendly, yet not too unreceptive. Haha! I guess I’m just too busy catching up with my friends to care about their service. =p

Overall: 7 out 10

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