Month Ender Post: January 2012

My January was a month full of tests. My patience, self-control, emotional strength and my faith has been tested by God in so many ways. I started the year with a lot of questions, “what if’s”, fears, worries and doubts. I’m sleeping each night, uncertain about what could happen the next day. I tried to make plans and set them in a timeline. But God showed me that I shouldn’t so I decided to just live one day at a time and put my trust in Him in everything. He made me realize that He let things happen in His time. He made me understand the right time for giving up and having new beginnings. He told me to simply let go and just let Him do the work.

This month was also a month full of surprises. Just recently, my boss assigned me to be the head of our design team. We got a big project, and slowly working things out with what should be improved in the company. I’m thankful for all the wonderful opportunities, respect and compliments. I’m so thankful for everything. And even though surprises don’t always mean a good thing, I’m still thankful because I know that this is all part of His great plan for me.

I also did a few things on this first month of the year. First, I applied for a passport. Second, I decided to go back in playing the violin. Third, I finally got my diploma! Fourth, I tried to make use of the Bible reading guide given last year in our church and guess what? I’m now in Leviticus! Haha. Lastly, I made a big decision to simply walk away from the past and make the rest of the year awesome.

I survived January. It was difficult yet worth-it. I had time to be alone and just think about life. Nevertheless I know there will be times that I will still struggle and still remember the things I should no longer think about. I know it would be hard but I also know that I’m going to make it. God is with me so there’s no turning back. He is preparing me for something better that’s why there’s no point in holding on to something that is not worth it.

As I end this post, I won’t ask February to be good to me. In fact, I’m kind of excited with what God has prepared for me this month. May it be good or bad, I know that He works in creative ways. And His ways and thoughts are always greater than mine. So I would still continue giving Him the steering wheel of my life. I’ll just remain in the backseat and enjoy the pleasant view or even the bumpy road.

2 thoughts on “Month Ender Post: January 2012

  1. Hello!!!! I found you!!!! So happy with your blog!!!!!!! :) So glad you’re part of our group, can’t wait to have more heart-to-hearts and kakulitans with you, Renel :))


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