On Reading and Writing

I absolutely hate the weather today. Please don’t let this continue until tomorrow… every commuter like me would consider this torture! Gaah, also, I can’t believe it’s Sunday night already. My one day off is about to end. Sad.

I spent almost the whole day reading. After church, I tried to read a few chapters of the third e-book I have in my phone while on the car. Wasn’t satisfied at all, I immediately opened the laptop when I arrived home and automatically typed on the search engine iamsuperbianca’s blog. I love her blog. I love the fact that it’s so personal and very transparent. She’s been blogging for 9 years now and wow, I can say that she truly inspired me to embrace the love for writing once again. Would you believe that I actually started reading her posts starting from the year 2003? Haha. In fact, I spent the last 2 hours just reading her blog. I’m turning over a new leaf I guess. This is so not me. This is the “old” me; the Renel who can spend hours just reading and writing whatever.

Right now, I love how reading helps me keep my mind off things. For some reason, it keeps me sane and become motivated to continue moving forward. Also, I’m pleased with my decision of keeping this blog after I have deactivated (yes, once AGAIN) my social networking accounts. I think this is better. I’m deciding to live a simple and quiet life.

I’m keeping this blog not for the sake of those people who wants to know how I am doing or what’s the latest news about me. I will be blogging because of ME alone and my need to release all my thoughts, whether to inspire or simply just to rant about my daily life. I’m actually thinking if I should import here my old posts from BlogSpot… well of course excluding those not-so-necessary posts. *evil smile*

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