Three Years From Now

3 years from now I’ll be 26 years old…

I’m already a licensed architect with a stable job here in Manila, or if not, probably in Cebu or Singapore. I would already have enough savings in the bank to fund my crazy lust of owning lovely musical instruments. I would have probably bought my second violin by that time and be able to afford the repair and tuning of our 20 year old piano. I won’t be like a professional violinist by then but at least I’ll be able to play a few impressive violin pieces. I could be legitimately called a “musician” because I can play two exceptional instruments and be able to produce wonderful music. Three years from now, I will be able to play with my eyes closed not because I have memorized the notes… but because I’m playing it from my heart.

I would have also probably enhanced my writing skills by that time. I’ve always wanted to write my own book even though I’m not really an expert writer. There are people who have always believed in me… that I can write well. I guess I’m just too scared to give it a try. Nevertheless, there’s still that desire in me to inspire people. I think God blessed me with so many experiences in life that is worth sharing. Who knows? Maybe if I look back on my difficult and struggling days, I will be able to come up with a good story… a story of how I was able to go through it all. Maybe the story of all my tears and pain can bring hope and strength to others. Three years from now, I will still continue to write. It could be turned into a manuscript or could be just random blogs posts… I don’t know. My story may not be for everybody but I know that it is at least for somebody.

Lastly, I guess that by that time, I have moved on. I have overcome sleepless nights and heart-breaking days. I can smile and say that “I’m fine” without having to put on a fake smile. I can survive a day without letting tears escape from my eyes. I will be able to bring back my life which was once lost because of all the pain. By that time, I have learned how to accept the things that God chose to happen. I may also be in a new relationship or not… but I will be happy and contented. Three years from now, I will still remember the past… but I won’t be crying anymore.


I’m writing this as a sort-of reaffirmation of life… that I still have my goals and dreams which could still be attained despite all this tears… and all this pain.

I’m ready to fly again.

2 thoughts on “Three Years From Now

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read my posts. You’re comments are truly an encouragement for me to continue moving on… that I can do this. Yes, supergirl feels much better now compared the past weeks. Writing is my breather. :) God bless you too!


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