I Am Worth The Fight

Sometimes I still ask myself what’s more painful when it comes to break-ups. Is it when you found out that they decided to leave because they have someone new? Or is it when they decided to leave simply because they got tired. What do you think? I guess I’ll go for the second. They gave up… maybe because you’re not worth the fight.

I pray, “Lord, am I really not worth the fight? Do you think something’s really wrong with me that’s why they always choose to leave? Why do they keep giving up on me? Is there at least someone who will fight for me?”

“I never gave up on you”, God answered. Amazing how He responds to our prayers. I stumbled upon this verse this morning while having my daily reading of His word. “God is not like people, who lie; He is not human who changes His mind. Whatever He promises, He does; He speaks, and it is done.” (Numbers 23:19) I found comfort in this verse. I realized that God has been fighting for me since… forever. He has been patiently waiting and trying to get my attention but I didn’t care.

“Maybe God made this happen because He knows that you will not give up your wrong relationship with this guy for Him. And since He knows that you won’t do that, He made this guy leave you instead.” Ouch. My mom is right. I was guilty. Indeed God never gave up on me because He allowed this to happen. This is how much He loves me.

I am worth the fight.
Always have and always will.

6 thoughts on “I Am Worth The Fight

  1. This spoke to my heart (: And I guess the way we will not give up on the guy, God is multifold times more faithful and loyal than we could ever be. We’ve neglected God while keeping our eyes on the wrong person. Let’s turn back our hearts to our First Love, He’s been waiting for you for too long.


    1. Hi! Thanks for reading my post. Indeed God is more faithful than we can ever imagine. I’m so happy He never gave up on me. I know He has a great plan for me. Let’s move forward, wait.. and listen to what He wants us to do. :)


  2. renel! read your blogs! ur strong,wonderful brave and your worth it.talented& charming.ur goin to be a great architect and musician and writer someday..im also claiming it for you. i believe in you! ..

    God knows what he’s doing..=)

    the molding part will never be easy. but thank God that he’s paying attention to you=) you know about these things..

    someday.. the real superman will come to save you.. but let your superGod bring you comfort peace and happiness in times like these=) besides.. he’s the only one who SAVES anyway *wink*


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