Singkwenta Singkwela

Early this month, I attended UPCC’s (University of the Philippines Concert Chorus) concert entitled “Singkwenta Singkwela at the U.P. theatre. It was a fun filled afternoon too because our c.o.c. group had fellowship over food tripping at the “Universitea”. We started around 4 in the afternoon and headed straight to the theatre around 6 o’clock. I love their performance! The “tribal chant” was intense! Though it was a bit creepy, it was breath-taking. Nanette Inventor was also there. She’s really a good and witty performer. How I wish my mom and dad was there too to watch the concert. I know they would love it like I did.

Audrey (my F.O.M . sister) is a member of the UPCC. It was actually my first time to see her perform and even talk to her in person. Haha! I didn’t know she’s a really good performer. Her part on “Annie Batungbakal” was the best! I love her! She even introduced us to Brian – my stage crush. I was literally stunned. He even asked me how I am related to Audrey. Hahaha! That night was unforgettable. After 2 months, that was the first time I felt that kind of happiness again. (Even without the encounter with Brian. Haha!)

I praise God for how he has been working in my life. I praise Him for everything!

What do you think?

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