What Would Jesus Do, Architect?

I never really liked ballers… until I happened to have these…

WWJD bracelets used to be popular during the 1990s. I used to wear it before just because it’s the latest trend. “What would Jesus do?” Ha! It doesn’t really make sense to me that time. I ask myself, “Why do I have to do such things in Christ’s perspective? This is my life. I can do what I want. I’ll wear this bracelet just because everyone else does. We all look cool wearing this thing.”

Looking back, I just laugh at myself for being so immature. At this moment, I feel privileged to wear this baller. I want to be reminded of God’s love every time I would look at my arm and see the letters WWJD. I want my love for Jesus to grow more and more and put that into practice by always asking God to intervene before I do anything. I really want to do what Jesus would do. I want to honor him.

My other baller, “Design your life, Architect” was given to all Architecture graduates during our baccalaureate mass. Seeing the word ARCHITECT makes me so proud. (What more if you hear people calling you “architect”? Now, that would be awesome. Haha!) Seeing it every day keeps me motivated to become a successful architect someday. It reminds me of the things I want and should do in order to achieve that dream.

Having these two ballers on my arm gives me hope and makes me view the WWJD phrase in another perspective. I’ll keep in mind that every time I will feel sad, discouraged or faced by a very difficult situation, I’ll just look my arm and be reminded that God is telling me…“So, what do you think I will do now, architect?”

I don’t have to worry. I will smile and say, “You’re my God. I may not know what you’re going to do in my life but I will continue to trust you… for I know that nothing is impossible with you Lord.”

I can just imagine God is calling me architect. I’m so honored. *wink*

What do you think?

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