Ready For Take Off

Would you actually believe that I’ll be leaving in three days? Wow. A month of waiting didn’t seem to take so long after all. I’m almost there. Three days more. And yes, I’m smiling.

I spent the past few weeks trying to make many memories as I could. Few days ago, I even found myself smiling as I walk on my way home. I feel so happy that I’m beginning to forget that my heart was broken. Maybe this entire moving-on-in-a-new-environment plan is indeed helpful. Who knows? Maybe I have completely moved on? Okay, maybe not.

I still need to do some last errands before I leave. In fact, I haven’t even packed all my stuff yet! I’m also trying to squeeze-in a few “last meet-up” with friends in my schedule. Aside from that, I’m also trying to keep up with my writing. This blog is almost dead. Haha! Supergirl trivia #2: I am most inspired to write when I feel sad. I don’t know why but every time I would try to write all the happy stuff that happened to me the past days, words just don’t come out. Even until now, I’m still struggling. Oh well, At least that means only one thing – I’m starting to feel happy again.

Okay. As I end this post, I’m beginning to become a bit emotional.
Supergirl, you’ll be fine. I know you will.

What do you think?

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