Adjustment Period

It’s been two days since I left. Two days of praying and hoping that God would show me what He wants me to do. Two days of thinking if I will survive this choice. Two days of struggling to not think about my old life. Right now, I’m trying to become busy as possible — busy trying to make friends, adjusting to the environment and become somehow independent. Oh, of course, how could I forget, I’m also busy trying to figure out if I will get a job here before my savings run out.

However, I think I’ll just enjoy life for a bit. In fact, I have plans of going out of town over the weekend. For the meantime, I’ll just wait for my torrent download to finish and watch this movie tonight. I can’t believe I can download a 1.44 GB file in less than an hour and a half! Haha!

What do you think?

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