Month Ender Post: April 2012

Last month has been a month full of countdowns. Every day I would look at my planner and just count the remaining days before my last day at work, last day with friends, and finally, my last day in Manila. “I can’t wait to leave” was the phrase I often say to myself for the whole month of April.

Aside from that, I also enjoyed socializing again with people before I leave them. I activated my Facebook, get in touch with friends, went on a family outing, and even had the chance to talk to new “friends”. I had been smiling a lot last month, and maybe the few days before I leave countdown was the real reason why.

There were still times I remember my broken heart, especially when I started packing up my things. I was reminded of bitter sweet memories which I decided to leave behind as I move to a new place. It was difficult. I had a lot of “what if’s” on my mind. And even the night before my flight, something unexpected happened. It was not a big deal actually, but I just had to ask God, “Why now?” He told me this, “Just walk away. There will never be a moment you’ll regret.”

It was a fine Sunday afternoon on the 22nd of April. I was at the airport, alone, and I can’t explain how overwhelmed I am that finally, I’ll be leaving. And when we finally landed and as I step out of the rear exit of the plane, I immediately noticed the smell of the ocean breeze. I smiled. It was a beautiful night – a night that I will always remember.

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