To my future lifetime partner…

Today, I have decided that I should probably begin praying for you again. Honestly, I tried writing to you on and off for the past 8 months but eventually stopped because I have convinced myself that you do not exist. This is a tough decision to make because I had to choose between playing it safe and risking my scarred recovering heart for the sake of love once again. I used to say that I don’t want to fall in love anymore. However, today I realized that there could still be people who will learn to accept you for who you are and what you have done in the past. Yes, I do want to get married someday. I want to have kids, take care of them, and have a wonderful family. I don’t know if we have met already. But what I do know is that I have met people who have made me realize what qualities I want you to have.

I want you to be the one who will lead me and our kids when it comes to serving the Lord. I want you to be the one who will always remind me of God’s goodness and grace. I want you to pray for me and never give up on us because you love the Lord so much that you don’t want to see people getting hurt. I want you to have the same desire of my heart to serve God and live for God. I want you to prove that it’s still possible for me to find a man who will love me and take care of me for the rest of my life.

You should know how to make me laugh. You should know how to pursue me when I’m annoyed, mad and sometimes crazy. You should learn how to make me smile even after a bucket of tears. You should know how to sing to me whenever I would get nervous. You should know how to come up with excuses so that I wouldn’t know that you are trying to surprise me. You should also know that even if I have a hundred of close guy friends, you’re the only one man I would love to be with.

You’re the one who is more adventurous than me. You’re the one who will help me face my fears and not let go of my hand until I have overcome them. You’re the one whom I will laugh with after a long, crazy, and tiring day. You’re the one whom I will say, “I love you too” a thousand times. You’re the one whom our kids will shout, “You’re the best dad ever!” You’re the one I’ll always thank God for because He allowed you to come into my life.

In return, I only have one promise to you… and that is to become a Godly wife the Lord wants me to be. I’ll always be here to support you, encourage you and honor you. I will take care of you and love you. Together, we will seek the Lord first, obey Him, and serve Him.

At the moment, I’m only 23 years old — too young to get married but at the right age to start praying for the man God has prepared for me. I’ll be patient and wise. I will faithfully serve the Lord as I wait on you believing that right now, as I write this another blog post, you are also serving Him wholeheartedly.

I’m excited to meet you.

Much love,

3 thoughts on “To my future lifetime partner…

  1. Oh my gosh!! i read it with the song!:) pati ako mixed emotions! naramdaman ko ung sabi mong bonggang iyak ka while writing this:) awwwww and then i have this sooo much excitement for you.. as i see hope sa end part ng blog.. i have imagined also a man with a blurry face.. tpos family n kau as you describe how things would be someday!:)

    Renel.. yieeeee it will be worth the wait!! ☺ awwwwwww😍 Kileeeeeeeggggg

    I Cant wait!!!


  2. Dear Future Partner of Super girl,

    Ang galing mo, ikaw cguro si Superman. Pero alam kong hindi mo makikita lahat tungkol sa kanya kasi si Supergirl nga cya d b? Anyway she’s been through a lot. She died thousands of times waiting for you and now you’re finally here.

    Let me warn you that you’re life,  as you know it,  will change because of her. I only knew her for a few months and I was never the same. Parang I found peace kasi messed up ako dati. Ikaw, pang habang-buhay, so good luck.             

    Love her unconditionally. Live the life she lives. Serve the God she serves. Love the sweet things she’ll show you. Remember that her favorite color is avocado green, or so I think. Anyway verify with her na lng. Clean all the worms in your yard. Make it snake-proof.      

    Let music be your language too, she takes refuge in it. Make her laugh, hindi mahirap gawin yun. Above all, bring paper bag anywhere you go. Trust me, you’ll need it.

    Don’t hurt her kasi if you do, ako ang archenemy mo. Hindi ako takot sa laser beam and super strength mo kasi ako Life Buddy nya. Tarantan taaaan!


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