She is ME

Before the last month of the year start, I want to write something, for someone. I want to let her know that there’s nothing to fear. I want to assure her that everything’s going to be all right. I’ve seen her cry a lot; smile a lot and laugh, but I can also see something more in her eyes.

And that is pain.
Still pain.

I don’t exactly know how long she has been trying to hide it, but I know that she’s tired. Many times she wanted to give up… but how? Life goes on. Every time she will feel pain, she wants to run away. She always acts so tough yet in reality she is very vulnerable.

“Lord, how long am I going to wait?” she said.

Just a little bit more.

“But I’m tired. I want to become happy.” she pleaded.

I WILL make you happy.

“I don’t know why you keep breaking my heart….” she cried.

Just trust me. I know what I’m doing.

She is desperate.
She is becoming hopeless.
She is tired.
SHE is me.

I want to be a strong woman. I want to get used to being alone. I don’t want to depend on other people. It’s because I know that they will all leave you in the end. That’s why I want to be whole and be able to stand on my own.

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