Every Christmas day, we usually go out of town and visit my grandparents. It’s a family tradition my siblings and I look forward to. However, today was different. We didn’t go anywhere. In fact, it’s like a normal day at home. (Well, except for the fact that there’s a lot of food. Haha!) Everyone is busy doing his/her own thing.

My dad woke up early to tend the garden, my mom and sister in front of the computer, and the two other boys are busy as well playing and watching a movie. And me? Well, I’m here in my room… writing. And it is Christmas day.

Our tradition was broken.

Well it’s not really about the visitation thing. What I love every time we will go to the province is actually the ride going there. I love sitting beside the window and just watch the streets, the trees, the sky, and the people we pass by. I love it when everyone take turns sharing a story – like how was my dad’s flight, my sister’s latest TV series addiction, my youngest brother’s latest achievement at school, and a lot more. I also love it when my elder brother and I would crack jokes while passing chips inside the car. I love how each one of us would suddenly fall asleep while my dad is the only one left awake because he is driving. Even my dad’s sermon which we all know would happen any minute.

I love every single thing that happens; because it’s the only time it happens.

It makes me smile remembering all of these. It’s the only time I get to know them more. I’m the one who’s always sitting beside the window with my headphones on and pretend that I don’t care. But in fact, I do listen. I try to answer their stories in my mind, asking questions and formulating my own comments. A lot of talking is actually happening in my head. Sometimes I do let it out, share it with them but most of the time, I don’t. I keep it. But I love doing that. So I’ll just smile and hum to the song I’m listening to, look out the window and enjoy the scene.

Our Christmas tradition may not be carried out today, but I’m praying that we’ll be able to do it one of these days.
How about you? What’s your family Christmas tradition?

What do you think?

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