Higher Commitments For 2013

Have you ever wondered why do we really go to church?

“In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food!” – Hebrews 5:12

I’d like to quote a few paragraphs from the book Anyone Can Lead by David. A White:

Notice the surprising statement, “by this time you ought to be teachers.” This means that they should be teaching the bible.

Specifically, who was being addressed by this statement? All those who graduated from bible schools? All the elders in the church? All the professionals? No. The writer of Hebrews addressed the whole group of Hebrew believers regularly participating in the church in Jerusalem. Apparently, not many were teachers yet. But they should have been.

A key phrase is “by this time”. The people being addressed weren’t new Christians. Time had passed. They’d had enough time to mature. By this time they should have been beyond just being taught. They should have also been teaching others.

Only a small percentage of our church members have the gift of evangelism. But we all need to evangelize. Only some have the gift of service, but we all need to serve. It’s the same way with the gift of teaching. Only some have this gift, but many “ought to be teachers”.

How many years have you been a believer of Christ? How long have you been attending the church? 5? 10? Since you were a child? If there’s one thing that has been ringing in my head as I read this book, it is “We do not attend church to be entertained, nor just to receive whatever blessing God has for us. We go to church to learn, to be equipped, and to be trained. We are all being trained to teach. Teach what? Teach the message about God’s salvation to those who haven’t heard it yet.”

We are being taught in church about God’s word so we can also teach it to others. We are being blessed in church so we can also bless other people. It’s not simply going to church, hear the sermon and then leave. It’s about applying in our lives what we’ve learned and share it also to others.

We go to church because we love Him and we want to know more about Him. I have tried living my life 100% for myself. I have also tried living it 50% for me, and 50% for God. 2012 was a breakthrough. I tried to surrender my whole life to Him yet I know I was only able to give Him 80%. The remaining 20% consists of all my struggles between living for Him and living my life just like the old times. This year I’m determined to give that remaining 20%. I’m ready to make a higher commitment for Him.

This 2013, why don’t we all see attending to church in a different perspective? Why don’t we strive to learn more and be equipped? Why don’t we pray to have the heart to really teach what we learn in church? Why don’t we all make a higher commitment to God?

Let’s give Him not just our best. Let’s give Him everything.

What do you think?

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