It’s Our Anniversary! Yes, Me & WordPress!

Wordpress AnniversaryToday is officially my first year anniversary with WordPress! So I am writing an entry in relation to this wonderful day of celebration. Ready?

I started blogging about 8 years ago. It was actually just a personal online diary, since I realized that owning real diaries is not that convenient for me anymore. My posts were mostly about my daily rants, learnings, longings, reviews, and heartaches. Yes, I fell in love with blogging because people fell out of love with me. HAHAHA. Anyway, it was actually more of self-centered posts until I don’t know; probably I have grown mature so I began posting more meaningful, inspirational and somewhat deep entries. I don’t have any specific topic or genre because I believe that good writings are those which came from personal experiences in life. So I have resolved to myself that I will write anything which I think is worth sharing to people. Like what makes me happy; simple things which make me smile; what makes me sad and pushes me to write; even those things which could be boring to some people but in reality, you could actually learn something from it.

A month ago, I had a crazy idea of re-reading everything I have written since year 2007 from my various blog sites (I have deleted my year 2004-2006 blogs so yeah, I really regret doing that) and I wasn’t contented. So I compiled it, printed it out and made it into one some kind of a “book”. It was actually intended to be a gift for a special friend but obviously, I wasn’t able to give it. In fact, I have been in a tug-of-war with God for several weeks if I should give it or not. I’ve been praying that if it is not His will then I know He will make ways to stop me from giving that self-made book.

God won in that mini tug-of-war. I was disappointed. All along I thought it was His will that I should give it away because He allowed me to finish doing it. Are you getting my point? I mean, all those staying up late for several consecutive nights, printing, pasting each page and all those effort would become worthless if I just keep that “book” to myself. As I went back to Manila, I’ve been questioning myself with, “What if I made the wrong decision?” I thought God made a mistake. But I know that He doesn’t make mistakes so I just decided to let it go and move on with life.

20130123Looking at it now made me realize something. Maybe it wasn’t really a wrong choice. Maybe God wanted me to keep it so I can look back at my life and see everything that I have gone through to be the person who I am right now. God wanted me to have it as a time-machine. As I re-read every single post, it reminded me of a lot of things — simple things, happy stories, random thoughts, and even those painful experiences. It once again made me realize what can make me laugh, what can make me cry, or even what can push me to write a pissed-off blog entry. It was an eye-opener. Each page reminded me of how passionate I am in trying to capture a beautiful memory into writing. It also made me realize, how much love I can give; and how much pain I can take.

It’s a wonderful journey as I read through my life for the past 6 years. Some entries were so hilarious that I can’t even remember that I actually wrote such. Haha. Some made me want to squirm because of the things I regret doing or even words which I now regret saying. Some made me cry too. Indeed, I have gone through a lot. It also made me remember those people who took time to read the random things I write, and those people I have written in it. I was never alone in my journey.

I transferred to WordPress because I wanted to have a fresh start (aside from the reason that the blog name I want is not available in other blog hosting sites. Haha!). Today is my first year, and I’d like to thank everyone who happened to stumble upon this little world of mine, read some of my posts, and really have kind heart to even post comments or even give their likes. In a span of one year, I had 874 views (as of 4:20 pm today – one of the features of WordPress that I love). Sometimes it makes me wonder, do I really care about how many site views I get per day or I’m just contented writing about my thoughts in my personal blog? Well, as I look at this pink “self-made book”, I think I know my answer.

Thank you everyone! Looking forward for another year of awesome WordPress blogging experience!

6 thoughts on “It’s Our Anniversary! Yes, Me & WordPress!

  1. Dear Supergirl, I just found your blog and I look forward to coming back and reading more. You have a lot of thought-provoking stuff to read. If you are interestested, I wrote a book about my journey with God and I posted it at I’m trying to connect with people on-line and to encourage others and be encouraged by them. So I will check back on your blog and I hope you have a moment to check out mine. Take care and God bless. -Heather K (And the book Captivating is the next one on my list to read. I just gave my only copy to a friend before I got to read it because she needed it more. That’s a good choice. I love the Eldredge books.)


    1. Aww. Thank you so much Heather. I visited your blog, or should I say your book? :) It’s an amazing idea! Y’know what, can I like do that too? Someday? Haha. I’m excited to read it. Btw, where did you find my blog? Thank you for the nice words. :) How I wish I could leave a message in your blog too.


      1. Hi Supergirl, I found your blog by googling “christian blogs” and I found a site with a list of blogs. Then I went down and picked ones that looked interesting. As a stay-at-home mom, I am looking to find some inspiration/encouragement/friendship on-line with other believers. And you site looked fun. Take care and I’ll check in again later. -Heather


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