JS Prom 101

Back in high school, I think Valentine’s Day is not really the main highlight for the whole month of February. Actually, college ko nga lang na-appreciate yan e. It’s because as students, we were all looking forward for something more exciting than the heart’s day. Yes, it’s the JS Prom. Ayiie! ♥

I went into a co-ed school so yes, we have our own prom. If you haven’t experience attending one, I’ll try to explain to you why it is such a big deal. First, it’s that event all junior and senior girls are all so excited about, buying magazines on the first week of the month, about prom dress, make-ups and etc. (Mabenta talaga ang CandyMag noon. Hahaha!) Second, it’s where boys plan how to make “da-moves” on the girl they’ve been crushing on for years. Lol. Third, I consider it as the point we get to wear something formal/party-ish for the first time, and try to act a bit sophisticated or somehow matured since we’re all wearing gowns/dress for the girls, or coat and tie for the boys.

Now, allow me to share to you some tips or do’s and don’ts before, during and after prom, based on my fail moments as well as my so-this-is-prom moments. So read on!

1. DO NOT PANIC (for the girls)
Well, in my case, I did panic. A bit. Haha. Well you see, during my high school days, I have this very weird and maarte na skin allergy, which only comes out every February. I don’t know how to call it but I guess it’s a bit related to skin asthma? I really don’t know. My whole body would have this like “pantal” or mosquito bites and would become very itchy and it’s like I have the map of the world in my skin. (That’s how my siblings and I call it – “may mapa ka na” Hahaha)

I remember when I was grade 6 and I took the second screening exam in QCSI (Quezon City Science High School) I also have this allergy during that time. Can you just imagine how hard it is to concentrate on the exam paper while ignoring the itchiness you feel? Plus, I also had to cover my face and whole body so people won’t freak out when they see a walking map of the world. Hahaha. Well, if I can remember it right, I didn’t bother to finish the exam.

So anyway, let’s go back to the prom. Haha! A few weeks before the event, I already have the allergy. I panicked. Who wouldn’t?? My mom and I went to different derma clinics to find a solution. I tried several soap and lotions but it didn’t work. Huhu. I thought I wouldn’t be able to attend my first ever JS prom. But thank God, this dermatologist we happened to visit in Cubao (Oo, sa Cubao nga ata yung clinic niya) gave me a medication! After I took that tiny tablet, I was healed! Hahahaha.

So girls, chill. Deciding where to buy your dress, or who will do your make-up is not really a big deal if you started planning out weeks (months pa nga yung iba e) before the event. Some of my friends really went to a dressmaker to just to have their prom gowns. In my case, I bought a beautiful black silky skirt with a violet haltered top and had it altered so it would perfectly fit me. Plan it out carefully. Do not panic. Well, except if you also have the allergy.

2. PANIC (for the boys)
Boys, this is the chance! Ask the girl of your dreams to be your prom date! Wag na magpa-tumpik-tumpik at baka ma-unahan ka. Too bad, during my time, it’s not yet required to have a partner when you enter the event hall. Sayang! Hahaha.

3. PREPARE EVERYTHING AHEAD (boys and girls)
This sounds very obvious but it is indeed effective. Create a checklist if you need to. List down details of what you need during and after the event. Like what time are you going to prepare, how will you go to the venue, who will pick you up after, or even how will you react if your crush didn’t ask you for a dance. (Yes, even that one! =p) Prepare also emergency stuff like for the girls — small safety pins, sanitary napkins, hairpin, etc. For the boys – actually, I don’t know what you should prepare. Oh, yes, the flowers. That would be enough. Hahaha.

In my case, during junior year, my mom dropped me off at the venue – Sofitel/Westin Philippine Plaza and, went home thanks to Tipay (my ka-barkada). Senior year was a bit stressful one since I was part of the Student Council. I had to be in the venue early to help in the preparations. So yes, my whole stuff was in my duffel bag. We had to commute pa kasi going to Manila Hotel. Good thing I chose to wear a “no-iron” dress that time so I wouldn’t have to worry na malukot siya ng sobra. Hassle lang nung pauwi na ‘coz my mom picked me up so I had to go out of the hotel all dressed up carrying a duffel bag. Wa poise. Haha. I should’ve brought a trolley bag instead.

Guys, if your JS prom would be in a hotel, it’s fine to get a room (kung afford) so you wouldn’t have so much trouble before and after the event. Some of my friends decided to get a room and just shared the expenses.

So again, prepare. Sometimes, it’s not really fun to “just go with the flow” or “bahala na pagdating dun”. If you want to have less fail moments during the event, take my word: PREPARE.

1. BE YOURSELF (boys and girls)
In my school, we always have this etiquette seminar before the prom. We were taught basic table manners, some do’s and don’ts in such kind of events, and even how to eat bread during the dinner if it is served. I won’t forget that one. Hahaha. They say that the proper way to eat bread is to tear it in a small piece first, put butter using a bread knife and then you can now eat it. But here comes the prom night, I remember this guy, itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang “pogi” and we all witnessed how he ate the bread like a pandesal. Hahahaha. E bakit ba, walang pakealamanan. Lol. But seriously, you can’t really control everything you are about to do on the night itself. So just be comfortable and be yourself. However, a little etiquette would be good too. :)

2. HAVE A BUDDY (girls)
Actually, this is very obvious for the girls, especially if you are going to the ladies room. As much as possible, go in pairs. Not in groups. Can you just imagine an empty table all because they all went to the ladies room? Haha. This is helpful too in case of emergency. Let’s say you have a wardrobe malfunction. It’s good to have a girl friend to help you out.

Okay. Until now, I still don’t get it why some boys also need to have a buddy when they go to the comfort room. Haha. But I’m not talking about independence in making a trip to the bathroom. I’m referring to the prom night itself. It’s okay if you have supportive parents who will drop you off and even pick you up after the event. But parents who stay around DURING the event? I remember few people whose parents were there outside the hall. Some of them are guys pa naman. C’mon. It’s time to be independent. Parents? It’s time to be a little considerate. :)

4. ENJOY (girls)
This is the number one rule for every girl who will attend a prom. Even if nobody asked you for a dance, or even if you didn’t win an award, don’t sulk and be miserable for the rest of the night. You are there to enjoy and feel like a princess. Have a good time with your girlfriends. If nobody asked you for a dance, then who cares? Dance with your barkada! Back in third year, I remember some girls who weren’t able to enjoy the prom because of issues with their crush who have a crush on someone else. Haha.

For those who have their boyfriends, let me remind you not to spend the whole night only with your boyfriend. (guilty as charged). You will not enjoy. Promise. Hahaha. If your guy is a bit possessive and won’t let you dance with somebody else, well, I don’t know what advice to give you. In my case, senior year, nobody had the guts to walk up to my boyfriend (which is technically my ex now) and ask for permission to dance with me. Even my closest guy friends! (Ehem FREND! Hahaha)

5. BE A GENTLEMAN (boys)
If you are going to ask me who was my first dance during the prom, well, it’s my brother! Haha. He’s a year older than me so when I was a junior, he was of course, on his senior year. Actually, I didn’t expect that he would ask me for a dance. *kilig* Hahaha. Then I was surprised that he went to our table and asked me if I could be his first dance. His girlfriend was at the prom too, so ang haba ng hair ko, mas pinili ako ng kuya ko maging first dance niya kesa sa girlaloo niya. Haha! My brother could really be sweet sometimes. ♥ What’s funny is when I returned to my table and my friends were pushing me to tell my brother to dance with them too.

I also know some guys who really made it a point to dance with all their girl friends. Isn’t that sweet? Kainis nga lang kasi hindi nila ko na-isayaw nung fourth year. They just told me na lang back in our classroom na “Sayang, hindi kita nasayaw nung prom kasi si ano e.”Hahaha! But anyway, being a gentleman is not just a must on events like this. It should be a S.O.P (Standard of Practice. LOL.) of every guy!

If you are involved in the preparations of the event, I’m sure you would feel a bit stressed out because of all the things you need to do before, during and after the night. But continue to smile and relax! Senior year, I find it funny during the awarding. I was assisting in giving out the sash, plaques and tokens when my name was called because I won the Ms. Senior. Hahaha. It feels awkward. Plus, I also had to worry what my boyfriend has to say because I didn’t know that all 3 pairs who won (Prom King & Queen, Mr. & Ms. Senior, Mr. & Ms. Junior) should dance together. (King and Queen of Hearts by David Pomeranz forever! Hahaha) It was a funny, embarrassing but a sweet, “so-this-is-prom” moment. ♥Picture11

I only have one tip after the prom night: LEARN FROM IT.

What’s done is done. You had your chance to enjoy. So whether you had a bit of fail moments, remember it, cherish it and probably write something like this too after 10 years. Haha. It’s good to reminisce. It’s good to look back. Also, it’s good to share your own prom experiences. Whether to give tips, inspire, encourage, or just simply rant it out.Picture9Picture12Picture10

So, how about you? How was your prom experience?

(Thanks to my high school friends who still have some of the pictures in their Multiply account. Haha!)

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