Hello Facebook, We Meet Again

This is it! After more than a year of having a “on and off” relationship with Facebook (well, I was able to live with a deactivated account for 4 straight months), I hate to say this but, I AM BACK.

For the past days, I am seriously trying to come up with a list of pros and cons of having an FB account, and it is only yesterday that I have concluded that I think I really need it for “connecting” purposes.

Just so you know I am a big supporter of “NO TO FACEBOOK” since the time I have realized how much unproductive people can be just because of Facebook. And seriously, what do we get from peeping into other people’s lives? Sometimes it gets worse and you find yourself just staring at the news feed waiting for notifications for hours. It’s like you know it’s not really helping you to live a fruitful life but you just can’t stop. (Parang Pringles lang. Hahaha.) But then again, I hate to say this but Facebook indeed can be helpful in SOME ways.

Few weeks ago, I bumped into an old friend who happened to have her sister with her. I used to know her sister but hello it’s been years so I cannot remember her name anymore. So I had to ask my friend and I was like “Ahh.. oo nga pala. Grabe, anlaki mo na”, giving my sweetest smile and trying to hide my embarrassment. But then a few seconds (or should I say milliseconds?) after they left, I was stuck there trying to remember AGAIN her name.

Therefore, I shall use Facebook literally as a “face” book. I don’t know if I’m just getting old or the names of people are so hard to remember nowadays. (Nagpapa-lusot pa e. Haha!) I am meeting a lot of new faces lately and I need to find a way on how I shall remember their names. And seriously, I somehow find FB useful for that matter.

What do you think?

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