You Deserve More Than A Blog Post

So this is how it feels when somebody you personally know dies.

I was a freshman in college when I first saw this guy. He has this long black hair (waist length I think?) who’s always wearing a white shirt (I’ve never seen him in his uniform) with his shiny, attention-grabbing belt. Back then, all I know is that he is the guy who has this mischievous grin and “maniac stare” as I call it. He really scared me at first. Until I think 2 years after, I was personally introduced to him by our common friends. It was only then that I learned that his name is Fifi.

We became friends on Facebook and though we don’t really talk in person during that time, I had more idea about who Fifi is. He is this guy who considers playing Pet Society as a passion. He got all the expensive stuff for his pet’s house. Hahaha. Months passed and I was able to hang out with him a few times.

I consider Fifi as one of the very few REAL people I know. What you see is what you get. He says what’s in his mind regardless of the topic. Yes, he could be this “kadiri” or “bastos” type of guy but once you get to know him, you’ll see how good he is as a friend. I’ve witnessed how willing he is to back-up his friends and how he fights for the things which he think is right. He is also this guy who knows almost everyone in the college. In fact, if you need info about a specific person, ask Fifi, I bet he knows something. Haha. He was also the one who gave me the name Penelope Cruz. He used to brag it to everyone we meet and insist that I really look like her. And when people agree, he will give this “Fifi’s big smile” because he just proved something he first discovered. Haha! I can still remember that smile as I type this.

When he graduated, he still didn’t change. He would still visit in Beato and spend time to hang out with his friends. He is a legend in UST College of Architecture as some may call it. I’m sure a lot of people will miss Fifi. Even I myself, I will definitely miss how he randomly pops up on my FB chat box to say hi or just ask a random question. I will miss his funny jokes and “hirits” and even how persistent he is in liking photos on FB or leaving this >;]’~ smiley.

Fifi was a good friend. It made me sad when I heard about the accident and for a while, I was not convinced that he is gone. Then I realized that if this is what I feel about his death then how much more for his close friends? Best friends? Barkada? Family? But then, indeed nothing is permanent in life. We’ll never know what will happen next. But Fifi have left us with good memories. He has left each one of us, in our separate journeys with him, a beautiful reminder of who he really is.

A day before he died, he left a smiley on my display picture on Facebook.
I guess that’s how he wants me to remember him.Fifi

You deserve more than a blog post Fifi. Thank you for how you have touched our lives.

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