February 2013: A Month of Peace

First and foremost, I am not really in the mood to write anything today. If it wasn’t for my promise to myself that I will really do my best to complete having month-ender posts this year, I wouldn’t do this. I don’t know, lately I often find myself out of words. There are so many things I want to write about yet I can’t properly organize my thoughts so I always end up just jotting like a phrase or sentence in my journal. And as I do that, I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to finally put it all together and maybe, just maybe, convince myself that I was able to let it all out.

This month, my review classes started, which also means it’s time for serious studying. I also started completing some requirements for PRC, like my transcript and diploma, and etc. You know what, I have to confess something. I am really struggling waking up early! I always find myself waking up almost 12 noon even though I try to sleep early. (Oo na. Tamad to the highest level) I’m so frustrated that no matter how hard I try to wake up like 8 in the morning, I still can’t do it. Ang laki ng problema ko noh? Hahaha. I should probably try sleeping on the floor.a

I’m also doing my best to keep up with my schedule regarding which subjects to study every week. By the way, in case you are wondering, I am actually reviewing for the Architectural Licensure Examinations this June. I have like 15 weeks (if I’m not mistaken) to go which also means different topics to study each week. Let me try to list down here the subjects I need to review: History of Architecture, Theory of Architecture, Tropical Design, Mechanical/Communication Systems, Electrical/Lighting Sytems, Acoustics, Plumbing, Structural, Building Materials, Professional Practice, Buildings laws (National building code, fire code, B.P. 344, R.A. 9266, P.D. 957, B.P. 220), Design.

Wow. Did I forget something? O yes, let me also include the architects who designed notable buildings not only in the country but also international. Like who was the architect of PBCOM tower in Makati? Or what’s the tallest building in the Philippines? Grrr.

Okay. Moving on, last Valentine’s Day I get to have a date – with family. It was also my sister’s 20th birthday so we had a simple dinner together with Ate and Kuya Micah. I was able to have pizza on Valentine’s day. And that seriously made my day. Hahaha.b

I was also able to spend time with Sheer! She’s my officemate back in Cebu and she’s here also to review for the board exams. I invited her to this month’s “Plugged In” at church and well, she was able to hang out with the Fishers too!c

Youth@111 also launched Wave this month. Feeling ko ate na ate talaga ako. Haha! We all enjoyed the game – you have a balloon tied on your foot and you have to step on as many balloons as you can. Super laughtrip, everyone was shouting. Haha. I’m very blessed to see many young people being involved today. During my time, hindi kami ganun kadami! :) The topic was also a very good reminder for everyone, about how we should love others looking at how Christ loved us. I’m hoping I can still attend future Wave fellowships since my review every Sundays is starting next month. Hey guys, we have this fellowship every fourth Sunday of the month so I’m inviting you all to come! It’s open for high school, college and even young professionals. (ehem!)d

And finally, the last highlight for this month was Bachoy’s birthday! Yehheey! He turned seven and even I can’t believe that we actually celebrated his birthday. Hahaha. Ate and kuya Micah came over and brought spaghetti (Bachoy’s favorite) and cake. Mommy also bought pizza and ice cream. What a really special dog huh? I don’t care if he’s aware that it’s his birthday, all I know is that I was able to have pizza twice this month! =p Btw, ate also bought Bachoy a toy: that cute little balloon dog. Hahaha.e

February was a month of peace. I really felt that I am loved even though I’m not in a romantic relationship. God showed me his genuine love through simple things. He knows what makes me smile. Everything that happened this month has given me joy – real joy. I often find myself smiling walking alone at night, watching the stars and thinking that the God who made the universe makes me feel that I am really special. I don’t know if you will understand what I’m trying to say, but once you have felt how much God loves you, you just can’t contain it. God has given me peace – the one thing I’ve been praying for months. I feel satisfied. I feel contented. I feel excited on what He’s about to do next.

I have to admit that January have been somehow a month of doubts in so many ways. And that feeling of uncertainty and a bit of fear is something that I don’t want to feel anymore. I’m sick and tired of trying to worry over things I have no control of. So I started February raising my white flag to God. I surrendered — everything. God has proved to me his faithfulness last year even though I don’t deserve it, so why not let God once again prove his word? Sometimes, when people doesn’t know what’s next they feel afraid. But we are secured in God. So why don’t we feel excited instead worrying of what might happen tomorrow? God won’t let you down. Choose to surrender, and He will give you peace.

Therefore, since we have been made right in God’s sight by faith, we have peace with God
because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us. – Romans 5:1Jehovah-Shalom-G11

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