Sunshine Blogger Award

sunshine-blog-awardOkay. First of all, this confuses me a bit. I don’t know if being tagged by someone who claims this award makes you just a nominee or you automatically get the award too. Well, if being tagged in someone else’s post would mean that you also get the award, then I guess this just like a chain-letter. Hahaha. But whatever it is, I guess I’ll just pretend that I’ve been really awarded with this title, “Sunshine Blogger” since a good co-blogger Cerc nominated me. (Thank you dear!) It wouldn’t hurt to follow the trend and answer a few questions right? (And besides, this is an award! Someone thinks my blog is “award-worthy”!)

By the way, I’ve seen a lot of awards for blogs few months back but I didn’t expect that I’d be given one. The Sunshine Blogger Award is basically given to those who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” Yehheeesss. You’ve read that right. My blog is considered as somewhat “inspiration” material. Hahaha! Anyway, here’s how it works: I’m going to answer the following questions and tag other bloggers whom I think deserves this award too. (Pretty much like a chain letter indeed. LOL)

(Disclaimer: I’m so lame in answering favorite thingy stuff. Haha. Please bear with my answers!)

1. Who is your favourite philosopher?
Honestly? I don’t have any. I love quotes and good thoughts but I don’t have any specific philosopher. Most of the quotes I like are actually just from books or from the Bible. :)

2. What is your favourite number?
As of now, I don’t have any particular favorite number. I used to like the number 5 when I was in high school. I don’t know why I liked that one so much back then. Ahh… I think it was because of jersey numbers of my crushes. Haha. Or probably because good things happen every 5th day of the month? Random reasons I guess.

However, I don’t give any importance to it anymore now. It’s like, what’s the big deal about numbers?

3. What is your favourite animal?
Well, definitely not a snake or any slimy, crawling creature (I have a phobia). I love dogs! They’re so cute and fluffy. I love rabbits too even though I never owned one.

4. What are your facebook and twitter?
My Facebook account is actually for private contacts only. However, you can still follow me on Twitter.

5. What is your favourite time of day?
I’m not really a morning person. I’d go for night time.

6. What is your favourite holiday?
Christmas!! I love all the decorations and Christmas songs. I love how everyone treats it so special and of course the cold weather!

7. What is your favourite physical activity?
This is just so hard to answer. Haha. I’m not a sporty type of gal but I love games? Like arcade games? Basketball? Haha. Why not? It’s still considered as a physical activity!! Hahahaha.

8. What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?
Green mango shake? Well, actually, that was before also. Hahaha. (How come I don’t have any favorite “things” anymore??)

9. What is your favourite flower?
Rose. I love roses though I seldom get a bouquet. In my lifetime, I’ve had only three. Hahaha! I think all girls love the feeling of being given a bouquet of roses. Let’s just say it’s kind of sweet and romantic.

10. What is your passion?
Writing. Why? Follow this blog and read my posts. You’ll understand why. :)

Now, I’m choosing this blog because I, personally, was inspired by her writings. I accidentally stumbled upon her blog and I fell in love with her thoughts. She deserves this award more than me I guess. Tracy Persiko

What do you think?

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