True Courage

The most courageous people are those who continue to fight even if they don’t know if they’ll ever win. With every blow of the enemy, they continue to stand still. Sometimes, they would want to give up. They would want to stop and drop everything. They would even want to end their own lives just to stay away from the war. But they wouldn’t. “I am a warrior”, they thought. So they’ll keep on.

Time will come they wouldn’t even know what they are fighting for. They will just wake up one day, trying to survive every moment without even knowing how they reached that stage. Probably they have forgotten all about it. But they cannot give up, so they continue with their journey even though they can’t see the whole point of fighting… the whole point of being a warrior.

“We are all warriors”, they thought. We are all fighting our individual battles. That little girl suffering from leukemia, her loving parents, those homeless children, even those who have completely lost their right minds are all considered warriors. Some disguise as the happiest person on earth. Some bluntly allow everyone to see their struggles. Being courageous is not always measured by how long you keep that fearless look and not allowing a single drop of tear to be seen. Sometimes, being courageous means you can cry your whole heart out, even if nobody cares, yet you still continue to keep going.

We are all courageous in our own little ways. In fact, it could be a decision. Like when you choose to smile when everything seems falling apart, that is courage. When you stand up after long hours of crying and choose to blink those tears away, that is courage. And even when you choose to continue to write even if nobody seems to understand, or even take time to read your thoughts, don’t worry, that is still considered as courage.

Sometimes you’ll feel like a failure. You don’t know what to do with your life and you always find yourself on the edge of giving up. Sometimes, you’ll allow that negativity to scare you and even haunt you. But always remember that you are a warrior. You need to continue to fight even if you don’t know what exactly you are fighting for. Why? Because THAT is true courage.

What do you think?

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