God On The Move

“I only asked You to mend my heart, but You gave me a new one.”

No words can express how God has been filling my heart with so much joy. God has been faithful. Indeed I had my down moments, but His grace is truly sufficient. Now, as I look back on every struggle I faced for the past months, it was really nothing compared to the joy I am experiencing right now. Once again, He proved to me how fulfilling it is to just trust and obey Him in every detail of my life.

Sometimes we tend to focus so much on the goals we have set for ourselves and forget the fact that God knows better. We may have a big goal in mind, but He is also creating smaller goals for us in between. And most of the time we tend to disregard those small goals not knowing that yes, it could be small but can create big impact in other people’s lives. And that’s exactly what I learned today.

I’m excited for what God will be doing in the next weeks to come. Probably the best feeling in the world is the excitement you’ll have while waiting upon the Lord. Yes, it could be tiring. It could be depressing and even get painful. But if you know that your God is always on the move, you’ll look forward on seeing Him work in your life knowing that it is not just a simple scheme but a carefully thought-out plan.

Life is beautiful. ♥

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