Saving Supergirl

It’s half past the hour of 10 in the morning and I’m currently at the airport waiting for my flight back to Manila. You know what, as I remember all the memories I’ve made in this place, I have realized that Cebu has become more than just a refuge but a home — my second home. During those times I needed to run away from everything, Cebu opened its doors. Opportunities came, friendships blossomed, and God came up on my list of priorities. This is where I started to dream back in 2010. Then came 2012 where God reminded me of those dreams and brought me back in this place — the year where I had to fight for my life everyday. I can tell you a lot of stories of how I struggled each day dying to myself and asking God the questions why and how. But today, as I look back on those moments, I realized that indeed God was able to prove Himself that if you will just put your trust in Him and obey what He is telling you to do, He will bless you with more than what you can imagine. I used to ask God only for one simple thing, but His grace is abundant, He gave me more than what I asked for.

The past 3 days and even up until now, I had to fight the tears from coming as I reminisce those memories. This place witnessed my journey; of how weak I was and how I managed to survive from my sinking sand. This is the place which helped me heal all my wounds and assured me of God’s unfailing promises. I believe that all those experiences in the past were not an accident. It was my crucible moments and I have to admit, countless times I asked God to free me from the pain. It was difficult. It was an everyday nightmare. Until now, I cannot imagine what my life would have become if it’s not because of God’s love. To be honest, I do not deserve His grace. Just thinking of how I used to live my life in the past, I can’t thank God enough because He still chose to rescue me. Even though many times I abandoned Him and went my own way, He still opened His arms and hugged me tight during my broken days. I have always thought of myself as my own superhero. I used to think that I can take care of everything. I decide. I do it. If something goes wrong, well, I can handle it. I don’t need anybody. I rule my own life. But sometimes, even superheroes need saving too. And in my case as a superhero wannabe, God was the one who saved me. Just imagine how good God is. He chose to rescue someone who thought that she can live without God. He chose to be a superhero’s life saver. He chose to save Supergirl.

15 minutes left before boarding time and my mind is telling me that I want to stay. If only I can then definitely I would. But once again God is opening new doors, and this time it is back in Manila. Yet who knows? Maybe a few years from now I will come back here and stay not to heal another wound but to proudly share about my ugly scars and how God was able to make them into something beautiful. :)

What do you think?

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