When You Feel Like You’ll Never Be Good Enough

When you feel like you’ll never be good enough, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and remember these:

You are beautiful. And true beauty is more than skin deep. You deserve those smiles you forcely wear from time to time. You can do better things. You are amazing. You are strong and independent. You don’t need anything or anyone to feel your worth. You deserve a good life.

You can make it. You can do the things they thought you’re not capable of. You are one of a kind. You can love. You can make a better version of yourself. You can make things work. You are a dreamer.

You believe in God. You choose faith over fear. You write because it makes you feel alive. You look forward to better days. You welcome new beginnings over and over. You have no fear of letting go and start all over again. You are vulnerable.

You are tired. But you will fight a good fight. You will not give up. You will close your eyes and hear the sound of the new day coming. You will say goodnight. You will say goodbye. But you will not be forgotten.

What do you think?

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