The Thing About Dreams

I don’t know much about dreams. Some say it’s your subconscious mind playing with you. Some say it portrays the opposite scenarios that would happen in real life. Well, whatever it is, all I do know about dreams is that it could sometimes become so powerful. Of how perfect you were before going to sleep then you’ll wake up a bit disoriented full of images you don’t ever want to see again. I hate dreaming. Or should I say, I hate my dreams. I don’t know, probably your dreams are much better than mine. Haha. It’s because everytime I wake up from a dream, it reminds me of the things I have no control of. And it’s no fun.

I have always been controlling. With my personality, it’s a bit obvious that I have this thing for being in-charge and doing things my way (still a Supergirl wannabe huh). I see to it that everything is going well according to plan because first of all, I was the one who planned everything. Hahaha. But then when it comes to dreams, it reminds me that sometimes you just have to be still. (Although there were times I think I was able to control the scenes in my dreams. HAHA. What a control freak right?)

Last night, God reminded me that He is the master planner for everything. That I don’t have to take control of every single detail of my life. All I need is just to simply breathe. Stop grasping for air. There’s no need to rush. Life is not all about competition of who’s the best, who’s the greatest, who’s who or whatever. My dreams lately greatly reflect my need to surrender. I have to let go of my “controlling” issues. Dreams remind you that sometimes you don’t have to do anything. You just have to wait. And wait. And wait for the the dream to end or wait for yourself to wake up.

I am about to sleep as I end this post. I’m a bit worried, thinking if I can take whatever dream I might have for tonight. But do I have a choice? :)) Maybe the best option I have is just to surrender. Let go. Have faith. Trust His promises. God has a plan. And that plan unfolds everyday without any interruption.

What do you think?

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