Dear Lord,

Tonight, I have nothing to say but thanksgiving. Indeed, You are worthy to be praised for everything. Thank You for who You are, for what You’ve done and for what You will still be doing. Thank you for how you have been blessing this family in so many ways. It may not be in terms of material things nor fame but for the fact that we acknowledge, that without You, we are nothing. Thank you because You are a God who never change. This family have been through a lot. You have witnessed our joy, our pain, our weaknesses and indivudual struggles. We know that each trial that we faced have helped us not only to sharpen our character but also made our relationship with You even stronger. Thank you for mommy and daddy who taught us to love You first more than anything. For daddy, who have to endure working away from home just to give us a good life. For mommy, who have to act as a mom and dad at the same time since the time ate Reciel was born. Thank You because they both love you so much and everything they do is all because of their overflowing love for You. Most of all, I want to thank You for keeping their marriage strong and for showing them what unconditional love is supposed to be like.

I know there’s no such thing as a perfect family. It will always have its flaws and downsides along the way. But it is You who have created this family. It is a gift. It is a blessing. And I believe that everything that You have created is good, so therefore, it is not an accident that you have chosen us all to be of the same blood. You know how we have continued to praise you even when our mouths couldn’t find the right words to express what our hearts shout. For it is in those tough times you have proved to us that You are in control and that You can turn any circumstance into something good. There are still times we cannot understand what You are trying to do, but I will continue to keep on praying that You will continue to give us faith to trust Your perfect plan and Your perfect timing for everything.

Thank you for Your son Jesus Christ who gave His life for all of us. For if it’s not because of Him, we will never understand why on earth we are here for. Thank You because we have Christ to be the foundation of this family. For we know that any relationship that is built upon the foundation of Jesus will never be shaken. It will never fade away. Thank You for all the answered prayers and all the prayer items that we’ll continue to entrust to You. We know that You are greater than any problems we will encounter. Because You are a God who died and rose again to life. You are alive. You are at work. You are more than enough for what this world offers. Help us to choose You everyday. Help us to see how great Your love is amidst the misery of this life.

Today has been a wonderful day. My heart smiles as I reflect on how beautiful You are and how good and gracious You are to us even if we don’t deserve any of it. For I am a sinner. But because of the blood of Christ I was forgiven. I was set free. And even if there will be times that I will stumble and fall, I know that You will still be able to make me new. For You are a God who restores broken hearts and broken lives. You are a God who never turns His back on people who comes to seek the truth and wants to live a full life. As I go to sleep tonight I only ask for one thing. And that is for You to steady my heart. This life will never stop on dragging me down. It will never stop deceiving me and convince me to live in its standards. But I claim Your promise of peace. I am assured that as long as I walk with You, nothing can ever go against me. Lord, thank You. Thank You for my life. It is Yours. Forever.

What do you think?

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