My Life As A Commuter

My life as a commuter teaches me a lot of things. Like how the footbridge at Quezon Ave. – Delta is probably the most commendable footbridge design I’ve seen. Considering the appropriate length of each step and comfortable height of risers, I can say it was properly designed for an average human. Unlike the one in Katipunan – P. Tuazon, which I think was designed for a person with only 5 inches foot and about 4′ in height (lowest height of railings I’ve encountered), the one at Q.Ave makes you realize what footbridges are really supposed to bring: SAFETY. Yes, the government is trying to solve the road safety issues for people but it seems that they’re just giving solutions for the sake of just giving solutions. People are not supposed to adjust with the design of a structure. The design should adjust to the needs of the people. Every now and then, new government structures are built which are supposed to cater to the needs of the citizens. We have new waiting sheds, footbridges, etc. but does it really serve its purpose? Everytime I see a new footbridge being built, I can’t help but to think how much money the government is wasting. With its bad design, can I just recommend to hire an architect? Maybe that would make a difference. Because architects don’t just simply design. We create life. We impose beauty. We make things simpler for humans (well, maybe not for engineers). Hahahaha. You may not have heard an incident where a person died by using a footbridge. Haha. But if it were all designed properly, it would make your commuter life more tolerable. The proper height of each step in any stair saves you energy and yes, it adds to safety.

Meanwhile, on a less technical side of my life as a commuter, I realized that being observant is actually a skill. It could be improved or it could be neglected. Taking note of the simple details you see doesn’t just add knowledge but also increases your level of appreciation for the simple things. Most of all, it makes you think. It creates thoughts that doesn’t normally come up. Thank you footbridge for being my inspiration tonight. HAHAHAHA. Goodnight.

What do you think?

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