The Simple Things

© Supergirl – 2014

It’s the “simple things” that I appreciate the most. The simple things that make me realize what life really is all about. Is it about what I have and what I can do? Is it about my emotions? My personal goals? Oftentimes, I find myself so focused trying to fit in this world and its standards, thus forgetting what “life” is and what it should really be.

I have come to realize that maybe I’ve seen too much and I’ve felt too much that I feel like giving up on life. Everything is meaningless. What good is it to hope for something beautiful when you see nothing but chaos? Because I have been battling with certain emotions in this journey, and I have been such a fool for not realizing that as I slowly allow it to consume me, the more I also drift away from my purpose. I am not living my life fully. I am slowly ending my life with each day of uncertainty.

My life ends when I stop forgiving people, when I stop loving the unlovable, and when I stop rebelling against the world and its lies. It all ends when I stop extending grace to the people around me, when I allow emotions to take over me, and when I stop living one day at a time. My life ends when I choose to dwell on the past, when I allow my mistakes define who I am, and when I choose fear over faith. It all ends when I become paralyzed by regrets, when I focus on what I can’t do, and most of all, when I pretend that I am of this world.

Allow me to choose life over death. Remind me of who I am – saved by grace; living by faith. Captivate me over and over, and let me see your promise being fulfilled as I choose to obey, dying to self and breathing your mercy. I may forget your faithfulness, but always remind me of your love. You are enough.

What do you think?

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