Christmas 2014

Kids, it was a rainy morning before the Christmas Eve of 2014. It was kind of disappointing to see the rain pour instead of having a perfect weather today. So I just decided to spend half of the day in bed and had no intention of getting up until my phone rang, only to find out that I had to make a few calls and emails for work. I immediately went out of my room, took out the office laptop (which I was obliged to bring home so I can still work if ever I am needed), headed straight to the dining table and started working on a holiday. I was a bit cranky thinking life is unfair because seriously, my job woke me up?! I feel old and workaholic realizing my responsibilities at work. Hahaha. But anyway, it was just a quick one so never mind the hassle.

It’s past 2am now and I don’t even know why I am doing this. Ah, I was supposed to tell you how this year’s Christmas Eve went. Well, just like the usual. Christmas Eve at home is always not so exciting. Haha. We just have a simple dinner and a not so regular gift-giving time. But I enjoy conversations over dinner/Noche Buena especially when my sister and her husband join us. I like it when our house gets to be filled with people. I don’t have a very “welcoming” family so I like it when mom becomes comfortable with people around. I like it when our dining table gets to be filled with laughter and random stories. It’s one of the simple things I love the most. :)

In case you might be wondering, this is actually my first writing addressed to you. I don’t know how many you would be, but I know for sure that you’d all be beautiful. Hahaha. Well, dad has been teasing me the whole day about how come until now I am still single. I’m 25 and seriously, it’s not much of a big deal. I mean, I am really, totally, awesomely fine. It’s just that sometimes I really find it funny because I feel like they’re just waiting for me to introduce someone. Like this afternoon, someone dropped by to give me chocolates but I just immediately left it in the ref because I had to go the mall, and when I got back my dad asked me if I’m not going to eat those. And he kept repeating it as if waiting for me to confess who gave it to me. Hahaha. Not gonna happen daddy. : ))) And how over dinner, they’re teasing me because “the last Magi haven’t arrived yet”. You see, my younger sister is kind of dating someone and he gave us his home-made Kimchi, while ate’s husband brought his special Baked Macaroni, so they’re asking me where’s the last offering. Hahahaha.

Kids, your mom have always believed that she is a strong woman. She is happy and enjoys life in whatever way she can. It’s not that I don’t want to have you guys but I am sure it ain’t happening in the next five years. Haha. But here’s the deal, I am writing this because I want you to know that on Christmas Day of 2014, I am thankful because I can still write to you (and thank God I still don’t have you hahaha) and I am praying that one day, when you get to read this, you’ll know that once upon a time your mom was excited to have you and how she wants to have a great family someday. I don’t how long it would take for that to happen but I know it will. It could. Only by God’s grace it can happen. So you just hang on there and wait for the day we can all get back to your grandfather and say to him that on the Christmas Day of 2014, your mom prayed not only to meet your dad in the near future but also looked forward to have you guys.

Merry Christmas from year 2014!

Much love,
Supergirl (3:30am)

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