Oh Y’know, Like the Usual

I remember learning a Bisaya phrase back when lived in Cebu. I was told that if I want to answer back to a question like, “How are you?” and you have nothing much to share, just simply say, “Ok ra, mao ra gihapon.” In Tagalog, “Ok lang, ganun pa rin.” In English, “I’m fine, just like the usual.” Talk about a perfect response for an ordinary day or sometimes, “life”.

There are days I’ll wake up feeling a bit ordinary, browsing thru photos of a previous trip/adventure, remembering the extraordinary vibe of being away or doing something outside my normal routine. Those days where I had to finish deadlines, talk to clients, look for projects and jot down tasks on my planner instead of planning about the next getaway. Days where I feel “normal” and yeah, somehow boring. And if you’re like me who’s always up for adventure having a yolo-ish spirit, I’m sure you have one of those days too.

Today I came across the story of Jael in the Scriptures and realized that sometimes when we think so much about how ordinary we are, we can easily become blinded to the extraordinary opportunities to exercise faith in front of us. Jael was a woman of faith who just made use of what she has to glorify God. She’s just an ordinary, but God used her for an extraordinary task. (If you’d like to know more about her story, read Judges 4)

Backing it up, I remember the parable of the talents. It says in Matthew 25:15, “To one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to another one bag, each according to his ability…” God gives us opportunities of faith according to what we can handle. And every time we’re given one, it’s supposed to level up the faith we have and increase it until we have such a daring faith.

My “ordinary” days help me reflect and ask God to show me what opportunities He has for me. Like maybe He’s just waiting for someone to step up, embrace her “ordinariness” and be used for His glory. And besides, if we’re all extraordinary by default, then there’s no more room for God to show His extraordinary power.

So, feeling a bit “mao ra gihapon?” Ask God to make your day awesome! Open your eyes and see what He wants you to do. Have a blessed day!

[12:07 PM]

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