DIY Bleach and DYE

Hello people! This is the kind of entry I haven’t done for YEARS so please, bear with me. Haha. SO…. I just DIY dyed my hair and decided to blog about this because for 2 days, I had a hard time searching Google for reviews which I might find useful for my hair adventure. I mean, yeah there were some but I still find it a bit lacking of info for a newbie (sort of) like me. I’m thinking probably some of you would find this a bit helpful.

Well, it’s not the first time I colored my hair at home. The first time was about 4 years ago and I used Etude House’s Bubble Hair Color in Natural Brown where apparently, it turned out to be color orange in my hair. LOL. I had a really short black hair back then and I guess I had so much fun using the bubble hair color since it’s just like shampoo, that I eventually poured the entire thing on my hair. I’m attaching a photo for your reference. Haha. But hey, I kinda rocked that color with my hairstyle so yeah, nvm.


So about a few months ago I badly wanted to get a nice hair color. Something like ash brown, and by that I mean a really legit ash brown color. It’s because since last year I’ve been trying to get that color from various salons and to my dismay, they really never get the color right. (Now I know why. Haha. Read on. Read on.) I tried to canvass how much it would cost me to have it done in a salon who specializes in doing hair colors and I knew it would be a bit pricey but I didn’t know it would be around 9k-14k php. Wow. The stylist is actually a good one, but I just can’t convince myself to splurge that much money just for my hair. So I decided to give up the idea, temporarily. Hahaha.

It was until earlier this week when I had the fascination again of coloring my hair. This time in something like silver gray. So I decided to have it DIY and like what I said, with the help of Google, I scanned various blogs and beauty whatever pages just to know what I would need to know. So first, I tried looking up Etude House to see if they have new colors available. Sadly, they don’t have anything new. That’s when I encountered Palty Hair Color in Marshmallow Ash and Candy Ash. They even have their own hair bleach product, which I learned essential to better achieve the color you want. So I was sold to this product and decided to buy one the next day.

The nearest Watsons in my area is at SM San Mateo and unfortunately, any Ash color of the Palty brand was out of stock. So I scanned the hair colors section and found an alternative, quickly looking up for reviews in my phone before buying. Eventually, I bought not just one but three. YES. THREE. Hahahaha! I wasn’t able to find good or satisfying reviews so I’m thinking I had to be sure. And I would like to make that decision at home after buying everything. Hahaha! I have Lolane Pixxel in Very Light Ash Blonde. Beautylabo in Creamy Ash and Honey Blonde. Each one costs less than 250php.


I bought the Honey Blonde because they don’t sell any hair bleach, so I was thinking of being kind of Goldilocks for a few months before I dye my hair with the gray one, which could be any of the two. BUT, I realized that there’s an HBC over at Ever Gotesco which is also near my place, so I decided to buy a legit hair bleach. I thought it’s a bit pricey but I was surprised that a packet of bleach powder plus 2 developers only cost about 160php. (This isn’t the last time I’m gonna bleach my hair, I thought. Haha.) I also bought supplies like a mixing cup, an applicator which is basically the brush/comb and gloves. I was heading out the store when the saleslady offered me to buy a hair spa treatment which would be useful if you’re into bleaching/dyeing your hair. So yeah, I bought one for only 150php (I think).

When I got home I decided to put coconut oil in my hair (which I also bought at Watsons at around 150php) for about an hour before proceeding with the bleaching process. I actually researched that it’s even better if you leave the oil in your hair overnight. So, with my unwashed hair and still full of oil, I asked my mom to help me out in the bleach application. Funny, I told her from the start that she should leave the roots for the last part because roots lighten faster than the rest of your hair. She was halfway done through my hair when I reminded her again and she said she’s done already with the roots. Hahahaha. Ano pa bang magagawa ko? Okay so to make the long story short, after about 30 minutes I washed my hair, applied shampoo and the hair spa as my conditioner and rinsed off.

Before: My hair is actually in a shade of dark brown and black on the roots
After rinsing off the bleach

As I predicted and proven by science, the hair closest to my roots were all lighter than the rest of my hair. Haha. But it’s fine. I’m not such a perfectionist when it comes to my hairstyle. I just love doing something weird and new with it. So anyway, I decided to let my hair rest overnight before applying the hair dye.

My blonde hair in an indoor lighting

The next morning, which is today actually, I was contemplating if I should wait for about 2 weeks and bleach my hair again so I can have it lighter before dyeing my hair. And that explains the selfie shots. Haha.

Outdoor lighting: Black eyebrows because I don’t know how it’s done with make-up

In case you didn’t know, the lighter the hair, the more you can achieve the gray-ish color. But y’know, being myself (haha) I can’t wait that long. So pretending I didn’t know that, I decided to go on and dye my hair. I used the Lolane Pixxel btw. I decided to wash my hair and applied shampoo before proceeding, and if you’ll ask me if that’s recommended, well I wouldn’t know. Haha. I’ve read a lot about having a clean/dirty hair before any hair treatment and I think it’s just about maintaining the natural oil of your head to make the process less painful or should I say healthier. Again, I am no expert on this so if you’re not sure about the sensitivity of your hair, better seek professionals. As for me, my hair and scalp have a high threshold for the chemicals and pain of the procedure so I wouldn’t mind.

So anyyywaayyy, after applying the hair dye, and again with my mom’s help, I was so sure that I won’t have the gray color. Haha. BUUUTTT…


TADAAAAAA!!! Finally and accidentally, I now have a legit, almost close enough ash brown hair! Hahahahaha. After an hour, I rinsed off the dye and got this! I also applied the hair spa treatment for about 30 mins and now I have smooth and manageable hair. Lels. Hahaha. Okay. So I may not have achieved the gray shade I like but this is not bad for a first time bleach user. There’s actually a little bit of gray shade on it but I’m more convinced that it’s more of an ash brown. I’m still considering a silver gray hair but I have to let my scalp rest and love my current color.

Got questions/suggestions? Let me know!

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