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I attended the “4 Chair Discipling Workshop” today and I realized that it was my first ever equipping, with Darel as my classmate. During one of the sessions, we suddenly realized how we have not yet shared to each other, in detail, how we’ve come to know Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. Lels. And so we exchanged stories and I must say, we’ve known each other a lot better today. Haha. So let me tell you my story:

I grew up in a family where my parents are both Christ followers, and so I can say that I also grew up almost literally in church. I’ve been attending various kids activity and it was one summer DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School), where I understood the implication of not accepting Christ in your life. I was 11yrs old back then. I was afraid that I won’t get to heaven once I die, if I don’t have Christ. So yes, I got “saved”. But nobody followed up on how I was doing in my new relationship with Jesus. I tried to be good, I tried to pray and read the Bible but it all eventually died down few months after. For years, I thought that being good and attending church or being involved in ministries from time to time is enough since I’m already “saved”. To make the long story short, I’ve had several years of struggle with what my real purpose of being a Christ follower is, and even came to a point where it seemed like my faith was just all in my head. Year 2012, God intervened in my life and made me learn the greater purpose of being “saved”. I found myself a spiritual mentor who helped me understand what it means to follow Christ. I was able to grasp more the reality that Christ saved me from my sins and that I have an everlasting life, so I can share this good news to other people and also help them grow and eventually be able to do the same to others. And that’s what you call discipleship.

I’ve been in this discpleship journey for 4 years now and I must say that there’s still a lot to learn. I still fail and make mistakes but knowing that God promised to be with those who will obey His command of making disciples til forever, there’s no giving up. His grace, mercy and love is enough to keep me going and make Him known.

It is my prayer that you will come to a point in your spiritual life where you’ll get to ask yourself what on earth is your purpose. What really matters at the end of this life? Is it all about being successful? Do you think that you can take to heaven whatever it is you’ve been putting all your effort on? Do you believe in Jesus as the one true way to get to the Father in Heaven? If yes, are you really a Christ follower, meaning you live a life like Christ? Change does not happen overnight but it could happen, one step at a time, all by the grace of God. I myself is still changing as I continue to walk with Christ. So if you’ve been trying to become better in your spiritual life for several years, let me tell you, you cannot do it on your own. Find someone who will help you grow so that you’ll be able to experience the joy of knowing the true meaning of following Jesus.


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