A Taste of Backpacking: Visayas in a Week

(I first thought of doing ‘backpacking’ on the year 2012, when I was about to go back in Manila after 10 months of living in Cebu. My original plan was to try the Northern Luzon provinces and I can still remember that I was really intentionally saving up money for that on my last months in Cebu. My plan was to do it for a whole month before I review for the board exams. But I guess, priorities changed (or probably I wasn’t able to save up enough money HAHA) so I decided to start my review on February 2013. I took the board exams June 2013. I passed and got a job a month after that.

Since then, I seem to have forgotten my backpacking dream. But on October 2014, I resigned from my job and took a 2weeks vacation, trying out a lot of things. I tried climbing mountains, surfing, and probably the best part was that I booked a ticket to Mindanao and stayed there for 5 days. I actually have a friend who lives there so we kind of went around Misamis Occidental, with no specific plan of what to do/where to stay (which reminds me, I wasn’t able to write about that right? Anyway…). I went back home reminded of my #travelgoals and swore to myself that I have to do it. I just don’t know specifically when will that be.

Well, last week, ‘Backpacking Visayas’ happened.

Late August of this year, I found myself planning this trip, and it was originally intended for myself only. But since I got myself a boyfriend (HAHA, and he and his family happens to be in a vacation as well), he wouldn’t like me to travel solo, for all the good reasons of course. So I decided to ask my college best buds if they would like to join me and take a week off from work. Apparently, my best friend Karla was up for it and that’s how this all started.


In one week, we were able to go to 5 different provinces in Visayas. You may be asking, “Why only a week?”. Well, as much as I’d like to extend, I have 2 reasons why I planned a trip for just a week. One, I wanted to have only 10k budget (basic, excluding personal stuff) for this. Two, Darel would be so ‘inggit’ if I continue on touring Visayas without him. Hahaha. But wait, what? 10k?! YES! Read on and I’ll share the breakdown of how much it costs per destination excluding my personal expenses like pasalubong and souvenirs.

We were able to get plane tickets for about more or less P3,000 in total. We booked a one-way ticket from ‘Manila to Iloilo’ and one from ‘Dumaguete to Manila’. If you wait for a super seat-sale, that would be better. In our case, that’s the cheapest we found.

This week-long travel is the perfect year-ender trip for me. The reason why I’ve always wanted this local travel is that you get to know how diverse our culture is even if we seem to be the same in many things. I enjoyed talking to locals, getting to know at least a part of their way of life, and just meet new different people along the way. I learned how to be familiarized with geography (HAHA), and be adventurous and just make the most out of your limited time in a specific place. There are many, many things I learned and realized in just a week and I am more than excited to share it all to you and y’know, probably inspire you to do the same. To God be the glory for everything He has allowed me to see, meet and experience. I’m actually planning for a 2-weeks of ‘backpacking’ next year, then maybe do a 3-weeks or 4-weeks and so on in the future. Would you like to join me? Sige, ipon na tayo bes. Hahaha!

Iloilo & Guimaras: P 4,936.00 (Read Part 1 and Part 2)
Bacolod: P 1,922.00
Siquijor: P 3,365.00
Dumaguete: P 756.00

Total: P 10,979.00

** This is a per person cost and we’re 2 persons on this trip. As always, the more people, the cheaper. But personally, a good number for this itinerary is 4pax, I’d say.

So, in case you want to know our breakdown of expenses per destination plus our itinerary, and some cool travel stories, tips and whatnots, don’t worry, I’ll be posting it soon.


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