2016: An Overview


Spontaneous. The perfect word to describe my year.

Starting with resigning from my day job to becoming a freelancer, going somewhere almost every month, climbing another mountain, making #titaduties a glamorous task, learning how to skate, dyeing my hair in i-forgot-how-many-colors, learning italian, revived my passion for video editing, playing musical instruments again, going back to writing, enjoy baking, trying out target shooting, watching a movie alone again, backpacking…. — cutting this now ‘cos this list could be my entire blog post haha.

I’ve done so many new and great things this year, and all are not included in the grand plan I made when I started jotting down goals in my 2016 journal. Despite the many “what-if’s” and fears and all kinds of emotion I had to feel this year, I’ve learned one thing — and that is God is with me. He’s with me in every single circumstance I had to face and endure. He’s with me when I was in my darkest and deepest horror I thought impossible to overcome. He’s with me every time I’ll start to worry about what’s next for me. Every time I’m confused, hurt and feel like I’m the worst person ever, I know I’m not alone ‘cos He is with me.

I’m ending 2016 remembering God’s faithfulness. It was indeed a faith-stretching year! I would have never survived it without Him directing my path to new opportunities I never thought would come. He is a God who provides! May it be financially or in some other things, or even people. Staying away from negativity and to be always full of hope are the things I’ve learned this year. I am to live a victorious life. Why stress over the little things?

For 2017, I have a lot in mind. I don’t even know where to start but I want to explore. I want to jump again in the unknown waters and just keep on swimming. I love the life I chose to live. No more fears. Just faith and a grateful heart.

Happy New Year!!

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