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This year, I had the privilege to attend #CCFIDC2017 and I can honestly say that it’s a great way to fuel the things God has impressed in my heart during CCBC’s prayer and fasting week.

Prior the conference, I prayed that I’ll be able to learn new things and become more passionate for God. I had no expectations at all on what to hear from the plenary and workshop speakers. I went there with an open heart and mind, ready to receive anything God could be telling me.





Indeed, I learned many things in different areas of my life. Mostly were things I never thought would be tackled. Being reminded that my life’s purpose is to glorify and please God, these are the things I’m praying for, acknowledging that it’s only by God’s grace that I’ll be able to do it all:

I commit to continue growing, having a humble and teachable heart, always firm to stand in God’s truth, because I can’t give what I don’t have and I can’t help others grow if I choose to stop growing.

I commit to choose love — a radical kind of love and not the kind of love this world knows, even in the most inconvenient and uncomfortable situations because if I do not, everything I’ll do becomes useless. In the same way, I commit to love God more because my love for others depend on my relationship with Him.

Lastly, I commit to continue trusting God in this journey, because He knows what I need and He is faithful enough to prepare me for the things He has called me to do.

UMC friends :)
Photo by Pogs

I also made new friends. Hearing wonderful testimonies of God’s working hands in the lives of other people reminded me that we are all just living by His grace — and that grace is enough for us to survive each day.

I was given new hope, new perspective and new goals. All empowered by this year’s theme, “Radical Love”, I’m confident that I am capable to love radically because I am radically loved by the one true God, the lover of my soul, Jesus Christ.

Radical = different from what is traditional or ordinary


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