DIY Chicken Wire Bulletin Board


2 weeks before Christmas last year, I still don’t have a gift for Darel. Hahaha. I tried to think of the best thing possible to give him then I remembered that he wanted to have a vision board so bad. Pero alam mo kasi yung nakakainis dahil the day after I decided to surprise him with this, sabi nya, “Alam ko na i-gift mo sakin! Vision board na lang!” Hay nako.

So anyway, here goes the story of the bulletin/vision board. I had a hard time scheduling when to buy the materials and when to do it so I ended up doing everything on December 24 and 25. Hahaha!

This isn’t really a tutorial video but if you think it can help you, why not? I had a lot of “note-to-self” moments while doing this on the actual that’s why I’m sure it would be easier the next time I’ll do something like this again. Also, it’s my first time to do some voice-over in this video and I tweaked it a bit to be a chipmunky-like cos I find it awkward hearing my own voice while editing for hours. Hahaha. New skill unlocked! Happy watching!

What do you think?

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