One of those spontaneous trips: Lucban, Quezon

Here’s a one-minute video. Don’t forget to watch in HD! :)

Last Saturday, we were in Lucban, Quezon for a mini-reunion/celebration with relatives in the South (my cousin just graduated, soon to be CE!). It was one of those spontaneous trips c/o the family, and I’m not used to it. Spontaneous trips only apply to friends (like most of the time) because, er, that’s just the way it is? Hahaha. At 11pm last Friday, we left Manila and it is only on the road where we decided to actually check a place where we can sleep for the night. First option was Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Hotel but they’re fully booked, so we tried Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel. They have available room good for 6pax. Yay! We arrived at 3 in the morning and we all can’t wait to get to bed and have a good sleep.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Lucban is generally cold on normal days because it’s in the mountains (or atleast from what I remember from my childhood), but last Saturday was extra cold and gloomy because it’s been raining almost the whole day. If it wasn’t raining, we could’ve enjoyed swimming because the resort have nice pools. We’ve been here few years back and seeing it now, it sure had a lot of improvements.

Way back 2012. Complete siblings photo! And my hair was orange and short. Haha.

The resort is a 25 hectare property but as of now, only 14 hectares are developed. We got a room good for 6pax for only 4,900php, inclusive of breakfast. Not so bad, right?

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


I’d love to go back here next time, when the weather is sunny and bright. But all in all, it was a good day to be away from the metro and just spend time with family. Rafa was our mini entertainment btw.  Hihi.

P.S. Blogging about memories to be kept because there’s no other way to  dump good photos/videos aside from my personal blog. Also, an update to my “spring cleaning” (sorting out of files in my laptop), I have about 55GB worth of photos and videos (and I’m not even done yet!) Huhu. How to let go?? 

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