Baguio 2017

Y’know what, visiting Baguio could really be a yearly thing. Actually, I think it’s becoming one. :) Now that the travel time is shortened to only 4-5 hours, a quick weekend getaway is possible! There was a time when my dad was assigned to work in Baguio way back my childhood years, and we will always follow him there on weekends (back when getting there will take you more than 5 hours). That’s why I have fond memories of this place and now I’m creating new ones.

Like last year, this trip was actually for Rafa. Haha. But this time, we visited tourist places like BenCab Museum (where Darel and I had to take a photo together ‘cos the last time we’re in BenCab – January 2015, we’re still just “friends” haha), Strawberry Farm, The Mansion (again because my sister wants to take a yearly photo of Rafa in front of the mansion gate.. hmm, alam na ulit next year). And the rest are just food trip which reminds me that next time, I’ll bring running shoes para naman mabawi lahat ng kain + tulog dun. Hahaha. Enjoy the photos!

DSC_0445_DSC_0447-01DSC_0460-01DSC_0465-01 DSC_0470-010DSC_0472-01
DSC_0481-01DSC_0486-01DSC_0500-01DSC_0505-01DSC_0518-01DSC_6395-01 DSC_6436-01DSC_6455-01DSC_6516-01DSC_6555-01DSC_6577-01DSC_6581-01DSC_6588-01DSC_6591-01DSC_6599-01DSC_6603-01DSC_6606-01DSC_6608-01DSC_6725-01DSC_6729-01DSC_6738-01DSC_6739-01DSC_6771-01DSC_6775-01DSC_6804-01DSC_6805-01DSC_6824-01DSC_6828-01DSC_6841-01DSC_6864-01DSC_6892-01DSC_6900-01DSC_6910-01DSC_6913-01-01DSC_6933-01DSC_6939-01DSC_6951-01DSC_6959-01DSC_6976-01DSC_6981-01DSC_7024-01DSC_7036-01DSC_7042-01DSC_7055-01DSC_7112-01DSC_7121-01DSC_7166-01DSC_7171-01DSC_7175-01DSC_7180-01DSC_7209-01DSC_7260-01DSC_7321-01DSC_7330-01DSC_7343-01DSC_7371-01DSC_7375-01DSC_7381-01DSC_7416-01

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