Vlog: El Nido 2016

First things first. Everything in this video was shot using Supremo 4K Wifi Action Camera, which I bought few weeks before our Davao trip last year. (Teka, nasaan na nga pala yung video nun?) If you don’t have the budget for a real Go Pro, this one’s a nice alternative. I preferred using it for videos only since it doesn’t produce good quality photos. Aaaand I only used it twice: for Davao and El Nido. :p I was too lazy to clean it and buy a new memory card. My fault. Not the gadget. Pero okay lang. May ROI na yung 3,880PHP ko. Hahaha.

Okay. El Nido details:

Last April 2016, El Nido happened. We were able to book a ticket a year before, thanks to Air Asia seat sale. ♥ What’s memorable about this trip? Well, aside from the awesome island life and the all day beach vibe, the memories made with friends is definitely the most unforgettable. Sobrang unforgettable kaya nung lahat kami may sakit — mga may lagnat at nagsusuka. Hahaha. And also the never ending sisid competition. :p Hay. Good times.

There’s so much story to tell about how beautiful El Nido is, and I prefer to share it to you through this video. Enjoy!

P.S. I have about 1.5hrs of footage and it wasn’t that easy to trim it down to a good 5-ish minute video. Haha. Don’t forget to watch in HD! :)

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