What Happened in Siquijor Won’t Stay in Siquijor

This is a long overdue post about last year’s backpacking trip featuring the most beautiful island in our weeklong travel — Siquijor. Again, better late than never, right? :D

The Long Travel and the Search for a Place to Stay
Coming from Bacolod, we had to wake up early because the travel time from Bacolod to Dumaguete (where the port to Siquijor is) by bus is about 5 to 6 hours. So trusting our friends (thru text) on what jeepney route to take for us to get to the Bus Terminal, we managed to locate it a little before 7 am. And because the content of this post happened almost a year ago, I have already forgotten the specific amount of expenses per item. Hahaha. Sorry guys. :p

Welcome, Jollibee! Haha. Sorry natakpan yung “Dumaguete”

A little past 1 pm, we found ourselves in Dumaguete where we decided to grab a quick lunch before heading to the port. During this time, we still don’t know yet where to stay once we get to the island. So after purchasing our boat tickets and because we had to wait for another hour for it to arrive, I searched online for possible accommodations. Good thing we were able to find seats considering that there were a lot of people inside the terminal.


Siquijor is about an hour of boat travel from Dumaguete. We left Dumaguete port at around past 3 pm so we were quite rushing at this point to find ourselves a place to stay. Like any other tourist destination, you’ll be greeted by a crowd of tour guides / tricycle drivers upon arrival in Siquijor. We got one who immediately took us to Charisma Beach Resort (one of the resorts I was able to check online). We decided to just walk in and inquire if they have available rooms. It’s almost 5pm, so we had to double time. Luckily, when we arrived in Charisma, their dormitory was just vacated by a big group that afternoon. For a price of 450php per night, I was so willing to stay in a dorm as long as there are more ladies than men staying in. Haha! Super cheap, right? We found out that we get to stay with only an American lady since she was the one left in the dorm.

Best sunset I’ve seen in my lifetime.


Immediately after we checked-in, we ran to the beach to witness the sunset. I cannot believe it. We traveled for about 10 hours all the way from Bacolod and we arrived just in time to witness this magnificent view. I fell in love with the island instantly at that point. <3 Over dinner, we met Deanna (our room mate, and we’re only 3 persons in a room good for 14??) We exchanged stories, found out that she has been backpacking Southeast Asia for the past 3 months, and she’s down to her last 2 or 3 weeks before returning to the States. After learning that she still hasn’t explored the island since she arrived, we invited her to join us the next day.

Charisma Beach Resort
Although Charisma have private rooms, I had no regrets staying in the dorm for 2 nights. I was really thankful that we get to almost own it during our entire stay. Haha. The dorm was actually nice. I am assuming that it was newly built because everything was really neat. It was well ventilated, the common toilets and showers are fine, and I didn’t really mind sleeping on the bunk beds. Karla and I decided to get 2 separate bunk beds and sleep on the lower bunk so we can use the upper for our things. Ginawa pa naming sampayan. Hahaha. The room isn’t air-conditioned so there are more chances of having your clothes dry in the morning when you leave it overnight.

As for the food, it was a bit pricey but Charisma offer large servings, so there were times when Karla and I would share a meal. They also have a swimming pool which we consider as a very big bonus because other resorts have dormitories for about 350php per night, but here, you just add 100php and you get to have a pool. They also have paddle boards for rent and the staff were very accommodating.

So happy we were able to enjoy the pool because there were no other guests. :D

Island Tour
Believe it or not, you can drive through the whole island in just a couple of hours. Our guide/tricycle driver picked us up at around 8am and we were so excited! I’ll be showing you some photos (not all the places we visited because I forgot to take photos hahaha) and let the captions do the talking.

Good morning Siquijor! Breakfast view.
Enjoyed this little “me” time while waiting for our guide to arrive.
Enchanted Balete Tree
If you remember my story about SEAFDEC’s extraordinary fish spa, the experience here in Enchanted Balete tree was nothing compared to those big bangus in Guimaras sucking my toes. Hahaha.
Lazi Bay from afar.
Cambugahay Falls <3
That sweet “bestfriend” shot. Haha.


And because “kuya” made an effort to zoom in to me as I pose, might as well include it in this post. Hahaha.
Mangrove Park



Meet Deanna, our roommate. Our Siquijor experience became even more memorable with this girl around. :) Btw, my verbal communication skills was tested for real as I talk to the locals in Bisaya (their native dialect) and translate it in Tagalog / English. Hahaha.

Post Island Tour – Back at the Resort
At around 3:30pm, we were already done with the tour and headed back to the resort. Oh, we had to drop by the market first btw (I forgot why haha) so we decided to refill our water bottles there instead of doing it in the resort. In Charisma, you can have water refill for 15php, but in the market they have these piso machines. Way cheaper!

Decided to rest a bit and dip in the pool after the island tour.
Waiting for sunset


So pretty! Siquijor sunsets won’t disappoint you for sure!



Gone Were the Days of Siquijor as Home of Aswang and Other Creatures
On our first night, I was thinking about the folklore of Siquijor before getting to bed. Eh sakto nga naman, at around 2am, nagising ako. Hahahaha. Imagine the dorm with the lights off, quiet and in fact you can only hear the sound of the fan. PINIKIT KO LANG TALAGA MATA KO HANGGANG MAKATULOG ULIT. Hahahahaha!! But seriously, don’t let the old tales stop you from visiting this place. <3

Look, they even have these mini doll ref magnets as souvenir.  Haha. They also sell “gayuma” and other potions.

Peaceful Mornings
On our third and last day, we were able to enjoy the beach right in front of the resort since we planned to leave the island at 1pm. I don’t know if it’s just probably low tide or the water is really that shallow on this part, but still, we enjoyed it as we rented a paddle board and because there were no other guests during that time.

I can’t think of any other place that can beat the calmness of the waters here.





Why What Happened in Siquijor Won’t Stay in Siquijor
Because who can shut up talking about this place?

Amazing sunsets, unspoiled beaches, meeting other tourists and full on island life. These are just some of the things I’ve experienced that surely won’t be staying on this island. I will forever have it in my memory, and I won’t get tired sharing to other people how beautiful Siquijor is.

Why why why? Because it was perfect. Everything was just perfect. <3

Our last hurrah was in Dumaguete, and even if it was just a quick stay (just overnight in fact), it was the perfect finale in this Backpacking Visayas. More about it soon! :)

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