How You Live Your Life Isn’t A Competition

I am writing this while thinking about how easy it is for us create the life we’ve always wanted by making sure that everything we post on social media is perfect. And as I ponder about these thoughts for several weeks now, it’s very timely that I happen to stumble upon this quote:

“Social media created a culture where everything’s a competition to see who can live the best life.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Social media has become a battle ground for people to compare what they have, where they have been, and what they are up to. It made us want more and become more. It made us scream, “look at me” and “this is how life should be lived”. I know that at one point in our lives, we have realized this ugly side of being connected online, but despite of this reality, we just can’t stop. It is fun. It is addicting. That’s the reason why I am writing this. I need to remind myself that life isn’t all about competition.

SHARE TO INSPIRE. I prefer following accounts who post not just visually beautiful content but also those with stories in it. Unfortunately, it’s very rare to find one nowadays. I like reading captions of what’s behind or what made them post that photo. For some reason, they make me feel that there’s a real human behind that account. Someone I can relate to. Someone who isn’t so hard to reach. Someone who has a lot more interesting things to say than tell the whole world where they currently are and of how great their life is.

Also, I choose to filter who and what I want to see on social media. I learned that you won’t miss out a lot in life when you choose to unfollow those who stir negative thoughts and emotions. When you oftentimes find yourself saying, “I WANT that” or “I MUST go there TOO”, whenever you see something on your feed, take time to pause and ask yourself, “Is this because I am inspired or it’s because I am jealous?” I long for people who post content to inspire and not just simply to show off. Those are two different things and most of the time we don’t know where to draw the line.

That is one of the reasons why I have stopped sharing only about the good things that’s happening in my life but challenged myself to expose even my struggles and my journey of overcoming it. I guess it makes me more human. Acknowledging that life isn’t always fun and perfect is a brave thing to do on social media. Because by default, people doesn’t like the ugly things. We always want what’s good and beautiful that we choose to deny what’s happening in reality. Remember that we’re all created uniquely and we all go through different seasons in life. Embrace it. Live it.

IT’S A DEAD END. No matter how hard you try, nobody will win this competition. Somebody will always be better, more beautiful, more adventurous, more creative and a lot more. Where you want to go, who you want to be, and what you want to say should not be dictated by this little game. Don’t lose who you are by the number of likes social media has to offer.

Many times I’ve been wounded by this delusion. There are mornings I’ll wake up on the wrong side of the bed and feel that I’m not good enough. I have questions of “why?”and “why not?” and seek the answers online as I browse my feed. But I’ll always end up asking more why’s not realizing that I have just dug a deeper hole for myself to sink in. What the society doesn’t realize is that seeking validation on social media have slowly become a breeding ground for depression. Do you want to contribute something positive to this problem? Be an encouragement to people. Show them that you live a life not so different from theirs. Show them that it’s okay not be okay all the time. Choose to be who you really are and become vulnerable. Be a source of hope and inspiration. The challenge is on: BE REAL.

And while I am challenging myself to continue applying all these things in my personal life, I know it will always be a struggle. Maybe there will be days that I’ll forget about all of these and do the opposite. Reality is, people easily forget. That’s why we need each other to be a constant reminder to one another. It’s about time we forget what social media has long impressed in our minds and start really LIVING our lives.

Life is not a competition. Live it. Enjoy it. Live a life that inspires.


What do you think?

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