Travelogue: Backpacking Cebu 2017

Taking my love for capturing memories and writing to a whole new level. There’s no better way to share what happened in my backpacking trip this year than this. <3

In case you didn’t know, I did it again. A backpacking trip with a budget of only 10k for more than a week. And like I said before, yes we survived! Battling colds and sore throat for the past week but I’ve been wanting to get this done asap. So happy the video turned out just how I wanted it to be during the trip. Still improving my craft, so maybe I need new paraphernalia. :p Will be posting a separate blog entry for the extra trip details and photos. ;)

Thanks to Kye and Sheer for joining me this year! Backpacking Cebu 2017 won’t be the same without the funny and crazy things we all experienced. Haha. Hoping you both had a wonderful time in that 1 whole week of adventure.



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