#OngTheWingsOfLove – Clang’s From Ms. to Mrs.

As I am about to write this, I suddenly reminisced my high school days and the people who helped me survive those years. I know we all have our group of friends and I am really thankful for these girls. Indeed, we have grown so much over the years!

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These are my girlfriends from way back in high school and just so you know, a lot of things happened before we were officially called “Dudettes”. Hahaha! Uso kaya barkada names dati!! So recently we had a reunion because one of us got married. Congratulations again Clang and Gilbert!! <3 We had a surprise bridal shower just a week before the wedding and it was one of the best nights I’ve had for quite some time. Nag-end up kasi na biglaang overnight  na lang dahil late na. Just like the old days! Pero nagkwentuhan lang kami until 5am. Hahahaha!!


Now Mrs. Lorraine Generous Regencia – Ong. Hihi.

I honestly think that this is my first time to experience a “real” bridal shower, you know with all the games and whatnots. I almost got culture-shocked. Hahahaha. Sobrang baliw lang din ng mga kaibigan ko kasi sobrang ingay namin even though it’s so late na. Feeling ko rinig kami ng buong subdivision nila Dane. Haha. But then, that’s what I love about being with them. <3


Super love this shot! Looks legit!


Tingin ko talaga ito yung nagpanalo samin eh. Hahaha!


I got home the next day at almost 7 am and I quickly went to bed to recover from a sleep debt. Hindi na talaga ako sanay ng nagpupuyat. Becoming a true “tita” na talaga. The next Monday after that was Clang’s wedding and we’re all part of the entourage. <3

So pretty, Clang!!


With my fiancé <3


I don’t know when will be the next time that we’ll get to see each other again and hang out like this. I know we’re all pursuing different paths in life and I can’t wait for the day na we’ll talk about more “adult” issues over another walang tulugan session (or maybe not haha). I love you girls! <3

Here’s a short video of what happened in the bridal shower and the wedding.


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