Some Thoughts Of A Bride-To-Be That No One Really Talks About

Weddings aren’t my thing and I guess it will never be.

As a bride-to-be, there will be days that you’ll wake up and just think about the things that still needs to be done or be decided upon, and suddenly you’ll feel all the stress kicking in. Sabi nila the wedding day is meant for the couple pero in reality hindi naman talaga. Haha. Minsan, sa sobrang stress mo and taas ng emotions, maiiyak ka na lang. And you know what, today’s one of those days.

Iniisip ko nga, siguro if given the chance, I could’ve just settled for a civil wedding. Para wala masyadong stress. Pero wala eh, andito na. Minsan I feel na I can’t be myself and decide on what I want kasi syempre you need to consider the comments, the wants, the personal preference of people, and etc. And for me, that is the most difficult part. I guess nobody will understand the emotions of the bride-to-be during the whole preparation stage. Not even your fiancé. And as much as you want to keep the excitement high until the wedding day, dumadating din talaga yung time na mapapatanong ka na lang, “Bakit ko nga ba ginagawa ‘to?”, and you just can’t wait to get over it.

Marami ka kasi iniisip hindi lang yung wedding day itself. Sa sobrang dami, hindi ko ma-comprehend and ma-isa-isa dito. Hahaha. The pressure is real, kasi kung ako lang naman, wala naman akong maraming keme in life. And sometimes, people don’t get that. Kung pwede nga lang na sabihin sa mga tao na konting preno on what they will say, kasi konti na lang ayoko na. Pero syempre joke yun. HAHA. Can we just go back on those days na simple lang? Yung walang maraming concerns in life. Pero syempre, hindi na rin pwede yun.

And I know what people would say. “Hayaan mo na. It’s your day. It’s your decision that matters. What makes you happy. Blablablabla.” Talaga ba? Sige na lang. Or why not make me feel that way? Make me feel na you are happy with what makes me happy. Magka-iba kasi yung you just allow me to be happy dun sa you make me feel na you are happy as well. Sobrang magka-iba kasi nun and if you are the bride-to-be, you can easily sense which is which. And as much I’d like to focus on God, thinking that this is all about giving back to Him all the praises and glory, mahirap pa din somehow. Pero kung sabagay, wala namang madali in life, so nvm. Or baka I’m just becoming hypersensitive lately. Sabi naman nila normal daw yun in wedding preps so sige, hinga lang. Hahaha.

*hingang malalim*

These are just some of the things that’s going on in the mind of the brides-to-be as they do their best effort to bring it all together for their big day (but no one really talks about).

2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts Of A Bride-To-Be That No One Really Talks About

  1. Hola! Talk to me about wedding pressures. I won’t offer you wedding services kasi I’m more on corporate na lol! I won’t also say, hey it’s gonna be okay, it’s your day, you should be happy. I’ve seen too much wedding drama, personal bride moments, night before the wedding drama, trust me I’ve seen it all. I’m a dm away *wink*


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