Conversations with Darel and Renel EP5: Reading My Old Journals

Disclaimer: Kikilabutan ka sa sobrang jologs ko. Anong mga pinag-susulat mo, Renel?

I was sick yesterday (actually, ilang araw na masama pakiramdam ko) so I spent almost the entire day doing nothing productive. Pagod na ko humiga, hindi rin naman ako maka-tulog. So nung gabi na at feeling ko medyo may energy na ulit ako, I decided to browse my old journals. Tawang tawa talaga ako pag binabalikan ko yung mga journals ko. Sa sobrang nakakatawa, I decided to read some of it to Darel.

Last year I posted an entry specifically for hearts day: When I Was 16, I Was Young, In-Love, and Foolish. It was my last Valentine’s day as a single woman. Now that I am married, I’m amused and amazed at the same time on how God orchestrated everything, so that Darel and I will end up together. Nakaka-tuwang balikan kung paano nga ba nag-start, pati na rin yung mga struggles and issues along the way.

** I am very transparent when I write in my journal. It’s where I pour out random thoughts, praises, prayers, and whatever that comes to mind. It’s always good to look back and see where I was and who I was, and just see God’s amazing grace that caused significant changes in my life. Happy love month! ♥

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