28 Things to Consider in Planning a Wedding: Specifically Beach Weddings (Part 1 )

I don’t know if this is complete, but I tried my best! Haha. I know there are a lot of references online about the basics on how to plan a wedding, but this post is intended to help out brides/soon-to-be-married couples in planning a beach wedding in particular. Although, I think applicable pa rin naman ito in any type of wedding. Nung kami kasi ni Darel we had no idea kung saan mag-sisimula, and like what we said, ang alam lang kasi namin mag-pa-pakasal na kami. Haha!

I decided to post this because we’ll be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary na next month (few weeks to go!) and hanggang ngayon hindi pa kami nakakapag-post ng complete wedding photos. Hahaha! Masyado kami na-busy sa married life adjustments and transitions so we really didn’t have enough time to go through our whole “WEDDING” folder. Haha. Also, ever since I posted “#DarelOneForRenel Is the Wedding I Never Dreamed Of”, I’ve been getting queries from random brides, asking details about our wedding. So, here! Hope this helps!


The very basic of all the basics. More than just the typical wedding items, you also need to consider travel expenses like transpo/accommodations/logistics if you’re having a beach wedding. Yes, money conversations could be really awkward, but if you will not be open in discussing this with your fiancé, paano na lang when you are already married to each other na diba?

Questions to ask:
a. Who will contribute?
Is it 50-50? Will your families chip in the budget? Or possible na may ipon na rin naman kayong dalawa for your wedding. Whatever the case may be, it would be good to set the expectations sa simula pa lang.

b. How much can you and your fiancé realistically afford to spend?
Studies show that the number 1 cause of divorce is money. So, I suggest you set a ceiling budget that you can comfortably spend. Let’s face it. Mahal na talaga mag-pakasal ngayon. Every year nag-tataas ng rates ang mga wedding suppliers. In fact, according to TheBeautyJunkee, the average cost of a 120pax wedding nowadays would be around 417,000+ (semi-high-end suppliers with really high quality services; take note: this is not yet a beach wedding).

c. What are your non-negotiable items?
Is it your HMUA? Your wedding gown? Certain wedding favors? Defining your non-negotiable items will help you decide kung ano nga ba yung mga pwedeng i-cut ang cost. As you plan your wedding, sobrang daming items na ‘pag nakita mo as you search for “inspiration” will make you, “Uy! Gusto ko din nun!”. Ang daling mag-blow-up ng budget sa ganyan, dahil hindi lahat ng maganda at cute ay necessary. So, before deciding if you will spend a given amount of money for a certain item/service, ask yourself, “Is this part of our non-negotiable?” Reminder: dalawa dapat kayo mag-decide nito.

1 BUDGET-01-01

This is sometimes super toxic. Especially kapag papalapit na yung wedding. Haha. And whether you like it or not, this will be directly related to your budget. Kung pwede lang na lahat ng friends and relatives mo invited diba? Pero realistically speaking, hindi yun kaya. Unless you don’t have a problem with your budget, why not? So, whether it’s 100pax or 400pax, you really have to spend time in creating your guest list.

a. Determine the type of wedding you want
Do you want it to be grand or intimate? Local or destination? Are kids welcome or strictly for adults only? Setting these details will help you determine how many guests you can invite. At the same time, while you are considering your budget for the wedding, it would be good to consider also yung expenses ng mga guests mo. If super layo and required pa to book a plane ticket, baka konti lang yung maka-punta.

b. Make an A-list and B-list
Who are the people that you really want to be there in your wedding? Invite them first. If someone will not be able to attend, then you can now accommodate those whom you have in your B-list.

c. Talk to your parents about their invites.
Pinoy wedding culture involves your parents having their own guests in your wedding. Sobrang hirap i-disregard nito. In our case, we tried to explain to them na limited lang kasi talaga yung kayang i-accommodate, so nagbigay lang kami ng certain number of slots for them. We are thankful that they understood.

d. Decide how many plus-one invitations you are willing to extend
Hindi kami automatic nag plus-one sa mga friends namin na may boyfriend or girlfriend. Ang priority namin was (1) yung mga married na (2) engaged (3) friend talaga namin si girlfriend/boyfriend. This will really help para ma-maximize yung guest list mo, kasi instead of inviting someone na hindi mo naman talaga ganun ka-kilala, you will have more room to invite yung talagang friend mo or relative.

e. You can consider having a post-wedding celebration
We did this because we have a lot of common friends ng husband ko sa church. We just made an event page few weeks before the wedding, saying na we cannot invite everyone but we would love to celebrate with them when we get back. Sobrang na-appreciate nila yung thought na we invited them kahit sa post-wedding celebration lang. Some even gave us wedding gifts kahit na hindi naman talaga kami nag-expect.

We just reserved a room sa church namin and decorated it giving a beach and chill ambiance (since beach wedding kami) making use some of the props nung wedding mismo.

Chips, fishballs, kwek-kwek, 1 Big Guys Pizza, and a half lechon. Haha. Sobrang laki ng pizza, hindi naubos.

We showed photos and videos like our SDE and Wedding Preps video. Then, one of our ninangs who attended (kahit na pumunta na siya nung wedding) volunteered to interview us about the wedding preps, on-the-day emotions and thoughts, and even yung relationship namin ng husband ko on why we decided to get married. On-the-spot yun! Hahaha. Ang saya na sobrang chill lang tapos parang imparting wisdom about relationships and getting married na rin since most of our friends who joined us were single men and women. 

CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel Post-Wedding Celebration

f. You still decide who you want to be there
Minsan maiisip talaga natin na nakakahiya kapag may hindi ma-invite. Or napipilitan tayo mag-invite kasi para lang walang masabi. Alam nyo, sana lahat ng tao maranasan mag-plan ng wedding para malaman nila na being invited to a wedding is really a privilege. Kasi out of the many people na kilala ng couple, swerte mo kasi napili ka nila to be there and witness their special moment.

2 GUEST LIST-01-01

If you really can’t make time to be that hands-on in preparing for your wedding, hiring a wedding planner is a good option. In our case, we were both freelancers when my fiancé and I were preparing for our wedding, so hindi problem yung time. We can meet suppliers on weekdays, or even mag-pabalik-balik sa Divisoria for our DIYs (more about this on item #21 DIYs).

a. You can just get an on-the-day-coordinator
If you can’t afford to hire a wedding planner, you should at least consider getting an otd-coordinator for your wedding. This will spare you from all the stress at least a month before your big day. Pero prior that, ikaw lahat ng legwork. I must say na pinaka-mahirap yung pag-source out ng suppliers. Ugh.

b. Choose someone whom you know is credible and understands your taste
This matters! In our case, my fiancé’s sister really does wedding planning and coordination as her sideline so we just begged her to be our on-the-day coordinator. Hahaha. This was tricky though, kasi part din sya ng entourage. Pero she did great! Hindi halata na stressed sya. Hahaha! The best thing about her as our coordinator is gets nya yung style ko and mag-kasundo kami sa gusto ko mangyari sa wedding. So hindi ako nahirapan i-explain sa kanya lahat when we did a turn-over of the details before our wedding. She just tapped few people to help her and they all executed well the wedding plans!

CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel – Wedding Coordinators Turn-over

By the way, our coordinator was also the one who took care of everything the day before, during, and after the wedding day. As in pati yung room assignments sa mga naka-check-in na relatives, sa suppliers, food, etc. So, don’t think twice about getting an otd-coordinator. It’s a must and it’s totally worth it!


Ito siguro yung pinaka-nakakatakot na part kasi kapag may problema sa requirements mo, masakit talaga sa ulo. I have here the requirements for application of marriage license (for local applicants):

• Certified True Copy of Birth or Baptismal Certificates of both applicants. If widowed, death certificate of demise spouse, if previous marriage was annulled, copy of Court Decision and absolute Decree of Finality from the Court,

• Community Tax Certificates of both applicants, male and female;

• One ID photo (colored or black and white) of each applicant, male and female;

• Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

• Certificate of Family Planning and Marriage Counseling*

a. Do this as early as possible
But take note: marriage license has an expiration date. If I’m not mistaken, 3 months before the wedding date. Pero yung count naman nun will start on the day ng pick-up mo ng license. So kung masyado pa maaga, edi wag mo muna kunin. Haha. Pero pwede nyo na ayusin ‘to ng maaga para malaman nyo if may problems ba, like birth certificate, cenomar, etc. Kaya siya i-file within one day, basta agahan nyo lang sa city hall and may available slot sa Family Planning and Marriage Counseling na schedule that day.

CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel – Marriage License


In reality, mahirap umusad sa wedding preps kung wala ka pang venue. Also, mahirap din mag-hanap ng venue if you haven’t decided on the date yet. If you live in Metro Manila, the best areas to find a good location for beach weddings are in: Batangas, Zambales, and Subic. Pwede rin La Union or Pangasinan pero medyo malayo na.

Questions to ask:
a. Big resort or small resort?
One good thing about big resorts is you won’t have to worry that much about logistics. Kasi if they usually hold weddings, wala ka ng iisipin. Yun nga lang, if it’s a big one, you can’t expect having exclusive use of the facilities. Unless i-book mo yung buong place, pero that would be too pricey. Also, you may have some limitations in the styling that you want, especially if they have in-house stylists kasi you really need to avail that service. If you decide not to, kailangan mo pa yun ipa-approve sa kanila.

On the other hand, ang okay naman sa small resorts is you can rent the entire place and have the flexibility to do whatever you want. That’s exactly what we did. In fact, we booked 3 small resorts na mag-kakatabi. Hahaha! And it turns out na mas mura pa rin siya compared to having it in a big resort. Dito kasi kasama na pati rooms. Naka-tipid na kami sa accommodation! But the challenge is the logistics on how to put everything together. (Read item#6 for more details about this)

a. Off-season or peak-season?
Actually, medyo tricky mag-set ng month for outdoor weddings dahil hindi mo naman talaga ma-predict kung uulan ba or hindi. Kahit na sabihin mo pang summer, minsan uulan pa rin. Pero syempre, dun ka na sa mataas yung probability na hindi uulan. It matters din kung weekday ba or weekend. Kapag weekday, most likely kailangan mag-file ng leave yung guests mo. Kung weekend naman, kalaban mo yung traffic and tourists sa area. Also, this will have an effect din sa price ng venue.

c. Can it accommodate your number of guests?
This is not an issue if you are having your wedding in a big resort. Pero if you prefer to have the exclusive-feel of doing it in small ones, this will matter. This was also the reason why we ended up booking 3 resorts. Mas malawak yung beachfront, mas maraming pwedeng magawa in terms of layout. Both ceremony and reception kasi was held by the beach so we needed a big area as much as possible.

e. Is it easy to get to?
How many hours will it take for your guests to get to your venue? Also, kaya ba bumyahe ulit pabalik ng Manila if they will decide not to spend the night in the area? Anong route mas okay dumaan? If the ceremony starts at 4pm, what time should your guests leave Manila? Kaya ba i-waze yung venue?

Most of our guests are from Quezon City, so having our wedding venue somewhere sa North, which is Cabangan, Zambales, is more convenient kasi malapit na lang sa NLEX. Hindi na kailangan dumaan sa EDSA na forever traffic.

f. Have you visited your venue on the actual time of your wedding ceremony?
I’ll give emphasis on visiting it on the actual time of your wedding ceremony so it can give you an idea kung ano ang overall look and feel nya, na pwede niyong ma-consider in planning all the details. In our case, nag-paabot talaga kami ng sunset to see what it’s like, and we were not disappointed. Dun namin nasabi na it was the perfect place for us. 

Our wedding venue is in Cabangan, Zambales. We booked 3 resorts:
📍 Casa Angelina
📍 La Andreax Beach Resort
📍 Casa Luzviminda

The first time we saw our venue, sumakto na may wedding that day sa Casa Angelina. Dun namin na-realize na maliit lang pala yung beach front nila. Less than 100pax lang siguro yung comfortable na kayang i-accommodate. Based on our number of guests, mas maganda sana kung mas malawak, so we ended up booking the nearby resorts. Hahaha.

We were both freelancers when we were preparing for the wedding so halos every month kami pumupunta ng Zambales to meet suppliers, arrange logistics, and some dagat trip na rin. Haha. It was very helpful kasi we were able to take note kung mga what time most likely mag-start lulubog yung araw (considering na summer). It gave us a picture kung what time talaga kami possible makapag-start ng ceremony na hindi na ganun ka-init. Iba kasi yung sa tingin mo workable pero kapag na-consider mo yung actual site + actual time, marami pa palang pwedeng i-adjust at pag-planuhan ng mabuti.

CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel – Wedding Site

5 LOCATION-01-01

Planning the logistics for a beach wedding is very different from traditional church weddings. Sobrang daming considerations. Especially in our case na hindi enough yung facilities ng small resorts na kinuha namin to cover all our wedding needs. Feeling ko naka-tulong na architect talaga ako by profession. Hahaha. It could be very tricky to plan a ceremony and reception by the beach so it’s good to be prepared as much as possible.

Questions to ask:
a. Is it accessible by delivery trucks?
How far is the parking for the delivery trucks from the beach area? Muntik na namin ma-miss out ito pero buti na lang La Andreax Resort have this space na pwedeng pumasok yung trucks na medyo malapit na sa beach. That would save time sa suppliers, especially sa tables and chairs ni caterer, or sa equipments ni lights & sounds, kasi malapit na lang kung mag-ta-transfer ng items. Mas mabilis compared if galing pa sa parking area mismo na by the road pa.

b. How is the electricity?
Your worst nightmare in the wedding is experiencing brownouts. So, you should check if the area experiences power outages at a certain time of the day. Also, may notice ba na there will be repairs/upgrades sa electricity that will have an impact on the day of your wedding? We asked the owners of the resort about this and we were so happy that we did kasi nga there are times daw na bigla na lang nawawalan ng kuryente.

CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel – Meeting with La Andreax Beach Resort

When we hired a lights supplier for our reception, we found out that they also rent out a genset. Acually meron si La Andreax, pero maliit lang. Mas malaki yung capacity nung kay lights supplier. We figured out na mas okay if dun na lang kukuha ng supply ng power for everything in the wedding para wala ng problema. Best decision ever! Kasi nung reception na, nag-brown out nga and we didn’t even notice kasi sobrang buhay yung ilaw at sounds sa beach area.

c. Are there enough parking space for the guests?
Big resorts don’t have this problem unlike with small ones. In our case, malaki yung naging total capaity ng parking space kasi nga technically, we booked 3 resorts. There are areas na pwedeng mag-park by the road side so you can consider this too.

d. How about the restrooms?
The common issue about small scale resorts are the restrooms. Hindi sya ganun ka-wedding friendly. So, to solve this problem, we just turned one bedroom in La Andreax, na pinaka-malapit sa beach, as a restroom/another lounge area. Nag-lagay kami ng full length mirror, complete with hand soap, air freshener, tissue, etc.

e. Is it PWD accessible?
If you have PWD guests, you should always consider if they can comfortably navigate through the whole wedding venue.

f. How to avoid on-lookers?
Medyo mahirap ma-control ito if you have other resorts nearby. So ginawa namin, inoffer namin ‘to sa mga friends na gusto mag-overnight and told them to book as early as possible. This will save na rin sa hassle on their part kasi they can just literally walk to and from the venue. It worked well! Kasi halos lahat ng katabing resort, mga friends lang din namin yung naka-check-in. Also, the resort owners were kind enough to tell us na dahil kilala naman nila yung mga locals sa area, they can easily give instructions to avoid the beach area on our wedding day.

g. Is there an area where your caterer can prep?
In small resorts na wala talagang function rooms, sobrang challenging nito. Good thing La Andreax Resort have this roofed open space where their guests can cook, so we just converted it to be our caterer’s prep area. Water supply: check! Electricity supply: check! Nag-lagay lang sila ng cover sa sides para hindi ma-contaminate yung food from the wind/sand. Sobrang the best lang din ng caterer namin kasi they told us na nag-rent sila ng place malapit sa venue namin where they can cook the food, para holding area and prep na lang talaga sa venue.

h. When can you set-up?
It is best to set-up everything the day before the wedding. Pero if you didn’t book the exclusive use of the resort a day before your wedding, this could be a problem. Kasi you won’t know if may mga guests ba or even an event. Good thing, sobrang bait kausap ng resort owners ng venue namin. They allowed us to set-up the whole day before the wedding. Pero nahirapan din kami kasi umuulan! Madaling araw nagse-set up pa sila.

CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel – Day Before the Wedding

i. How do you deal with pre- and post-wedding food for your checked-in guests?
Sinagot namin yung accommodation ng family and relatives namin. Kasama kasi yung lahat ng rooms sa package na nakuha namin from our venues eh. Pero since most of them will be coming on the morning of our wedding day mismo, yung the night after the wedding lang yung inoffer namin para hindi na nila kailangan bumyahe pauwi. But the problem is, walang restaurant itong mga resort na ‘to. Small scale nga lang kasi, so most of their guests bring or cook their own food. In our case, we ordered packed meals sa pinaka-malapit na restaurant. We just asked the resort staff if they can pick it up for us. Ganun naman daw usually ginagawa nila so yay! Less hassle on our part. Dun na rin kami kumuha for the crew meals.


Do your research as you try to visualize what you want for your wedding. Maximize the wedding groups you are part of, and even websites where you can find inspiration. Sobrang helpful ng Pinterest sakin. Nag-research din ako ng beach weddings in the Philippines to get more ideas.

a. Decide on what type of wedding best suits your style and personality as a couple
We prefer the laidback type of beach wedding. So lahat ng details, from the ceremony up to the reception, gusto namin chill lang. Yung tipong parang nag dagat-trip ka lang talaga at hindi wedding yung pinuntahan mo. Haha. We wanted our guests to feel relaxed and enjoy the beach as much as we do. Lastly, we wanted them to feel yung personality  talaga namin by considering all the details of the wedding.

b. Make a presentation for your suppliers
Once you already have your photo inspirations, you can compile everything in a ppt presentation para ito yung lagi mong ipapakita sa suppliers mo. I have here my simple concept photos na ginamit namin when we were meeting suppliers.

CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel – Peg Photos

c. You can draw or even make a 3D of the layout you want
Our venue was super bare. As in sand lang talaga yung meron. Haha. So that gave us the flexibility on what we want to do for the styling. I am an architect so in terms of design and styling, medyo may knowledge ako. I also made use of my skills to make a 3D layout. Nagugulat nga yung mga suppliers namin everytime ipapakita ko yung 3D. Hahaha! Pero kasi mas okay na yun diba para malinaw lahat. Ewan ko na lang kung hindi pa nila ma-picture-out yung gusto ko mangyari sa wedding ko. Haha. Kung marunong ka mag free-hand drawing, pwede na rin yun. Mahirap kasi pag puro pictures lang tapos you won’t see how it would look like sa actual. This really helped a lot!

CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel – Wedding Layout 3D


This should not cause a big problem kasi most likely, you can have control on this unlike other wedding items. Depende na sa inyo yun kung gaano kadaming ninong at ninang ang gusto nyo, at ilang bridesmaids at groomsmen. Parang wala naman talagang rule kung ilan at sino ba dapat ang part ng bridal party mo.

CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel – Thank You Letters For My Bride Tribe

a. You may choose what wedding symbols to include and do away with
I’m not sure if this is applicable in Catholic church weddings. Kami kasi we didn’t have secondary sponsors since we decided to not include the traditional wedding symbols like veil, cord, and candle. So we only had bridesmaids and groomsmen.

b. Kids as part of the entourage
We only had two flower girls and one ring bearer. Yung bible, isa sa groomsmen na lang yung inassign. Again, there’s no specific rule on this naman. Pwede nga na walang kids at all eh.

c. The principal sponsors are the only people you legally need at your wedding
Yes. Believe it or not. Their primary purpose is to act as witnesses to your marriage and sign the marriage contract. You may want to choose people whom you really have a close relationship with and whom you can seek advice when it comes to marriage. Kami we chose married couples to be our ninong and ninang. Since marriage involves 2 people, we made it a point na real life couples din yung kukunin namin. Haha. Well, it’s just our preference. Depende naman sa inyo yun.

CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel – Date with Some of our Ninong & Ninang


You may want to send out your invitations as early as possible especially if it’s a destination wedding. Para maaga pa lang, ma-block-off na nila yung date, or even makapag-file na ng leave.

a. You may consider using e-invites instead of actual invitations
Not only this will save you expenses from the printing, mas madali rin ibigay yung e-invites sa mga tao. Kami through fb nga lang eh with the number of seats we have reserved for them, pero we included the link to our wedding website for all the information they need. We realized kasi na mostly, one-time use lang naman yung invitation. Nasasayang lang.

b. Create a website
Sobrang helpful nito and the best thing is libre pa! We created one in Wix.com and sobrang dali lang gumawa. We didn’t have pre-nup photos kasi as early as end of January, sine-send na namin ‘to sa mga guests namin. I just used our photos nung proposal ni Darel and some of our old photos. Here, your guests can rsvp too!


CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel – Wedding Website Details

c. Include all details as much as possible
Include the name of the venue, time of ceremony, dress code, how to get there, accommodation options, and even few reminders, like “thank you, for not bringing your own guest”. We also mentioned na if pwede, monetary na lang if they will bless us with a gift. Hassle kasi mag-transport ng items, to think na ang dami mo ng dala. Pero syempre, hindi pa rin maiiwasan. May mga nag-bigay pa rin ng “gamit” talaga. Hahaha.


This is the most tedious part in planning a wedding. Syempre, gusto mo yung affordable pero okay yung quality ng service. Nakaka-baliw mag-hanap ng supplier for destination weddings. Hahaha!

a. Look for local suppliers
Your best option so you can save up money is to look for local suppliers. Kasi if kukuha ka ng supplier na Manila-based, you need to consider yung out-of-town fee. We were so happy to find a local supplier for our caterer, lights and sounds, tent and lechon, and flowers! (More details about it in the next items)

b. Visit wedding expos and bridal fairs
We booked our HMUA and cake from a wedding expo. Ang okay kasi sa ganun may discounts sila na binibigay. And most likely, alam mong may portfolio na itong mga supplier na ‘to.

c. Credibility and attitude is important
At first I thought it’s impossible to find a supplier na okay pareho, especially with our given time frame of 6 months. Pero it turned out na most of our suppliers did a wonderful job and didn’t give us so much hassle. Ewan ko lang on the day na mismo. Ask my wedding coordinator na lang. Hahaha. But anyway, it matters na madaling kausap at nabibigyan ka ng priority ng suppliers mo. If they can’t deliver a promised item on an agreed date, maybe you should think twice.

10 SUPPLIERS-01-01

11. FOOD
This is the big bulk of wedding expenses. Kaya nga sabi ko if you can look for local caterers, malaking tipid na yun.Kasi kapag Manila-based, average is 1,000php+ per head tapos wala pang out-of-town fee. Our caterer was recommended by Casa Angelina and I’m so happy that we decided to get them! Sobrang sulit sa price, food, and quality of service! Believe it or not, we booked them for less than 1,000php per head.

a. Decide on what type of food you want to be served
Because it was a beach wedding, gusto namin na sakto rin na pang-beach talaga yung food. Nagpa-customize kami ng menu from our caterer and we had food tastings. Yup. Hindi lang isang beses. Haha. We met with them several times to finalize the food choices and the styling. Darel knows about cooking kasi he worked in hotel food industry for a few years after taking up a culinary course. So, sa kanya ko na inassign ito. Hahaha.

CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel – Food Tasting

b. Don’t let your guest go hungry
Feeling ko wala namang nagutom sa mga guests namin nung wedding kasi sobrang daming tirang food. And can I just say that the tiger prawns of our caterer was to die for?? Sa Manila bihira ako maka-kain nun, pero nung wedding overflowing! Hahaha.

We also had cocktail hour and we decided to serve chips, bbq, and isaw! Hindi ko na maalala yung iba. Sobrang chill lang nung ambiance kasi on-the-spot talaga iniihaw. So while our guests were enjoying the sunset, they’re free to get some snacks. We also had cocktails from Proudly Promdi, which was a gift. We even got free wines from another friend, so we served it na rin! We requested our caterer if they can serve palette cleansers as well, and they did not disappoint!

c. Lechon is not a must for Filipino weddings
Not a must pero we ordered 2 lechon baboy and 1 lechon baka (from a different local supplier). Hahaha! Pero may gift dyan samin kaya hindi kami sumagot lahat nun. Sa sobrang daming food nung wedding, may natirang isang buong lechon. Depende sa inyo. Medyo mahirap mag-hanap ng local lechon supplier kasi hindi mo alam kung okay ba yung lasa, unless oorder ka ng isang buong lechon para matikman mo. Haha. We just hoped for the best na okay nga sya. It was recommended by our florist, which is a local supplier as well.

d. Consider the number of guests who will most probably make it to your wedding
Our initial guest list was 170pax. And whether you like it or not, mababawasan pa yan as the wedding day approaches. So nung nag-meet na kami ng caterer, good for 150pax lang yung sinabi namin. May buffer naman kasi palagi ang caterers so hindi namin sinagad na 170pax. On the wedding day itself, around 140+ lang yung dumating, so not bad. Ang hirap kasi nung bayaran mo yung buong pang 170pax eh may fall-out naman talaga yung attendance ng guests.

e. Buffet is not the only option in wedding receptions
We must think that buffet is the only way to go when it comes to serving food during weddings, simply because yun na yung naka-sanayan natin. But when we were planning about the total feel of our wedding, medyo hindi kami okay sa idea na typical buffet set-up yung gagawin namin. We all know that; yung per table mag-pi-picture muna with the newlyweds before proceeding to the buffet table? Ayaw kasi namin nung may naka-pila tapos risky pa na maging messy kasi uupo and tatayo sila paulit-ulit sa seats nila. What if matalsikan ng buhangin, and etc etc. So, we talked to our caterer and asked if they can do it like “family style”, yung iseserve per table, per hindi per plate. In this way, everyone can enjoy their food ng sabay-sabay. Actually, kami nga yung nahuli na na-servan ng food HAHAHA. Pero okay lang. Basta masaya yung guests namin. Dagdag staff lang ‘to for the caterer but it’s workable and it actually saves time for the program.

11 FOOD-01-01

Sa lahat ng mangyayari sa wedding, this is the only thing you can keep with you all throughout your married life (aside from the wedding rings). So, it really matters to find a good P/V supplier. Find a team that you will be comfortable to work with. Yung hindi masyadong awkward mag-pose sa photos if you’re cautious about other people taking your photos. Haha.

a. Look at their portfolio
Get a supplier na may experience na in shooting beach weddings. Tignan mo rin if okay ba sayo yung style nila. Our P/V team have experience na in such weddings so it was a good choice.

b. You may choose not to have a pre-nup pictorial
Practicality wise, we didn’t have pre-nup photos. Bukod sa feeling namin wala naman kami pag-gagamitan, ayaw na rin namin ma-hassle sa pag-prep nun. Ang dami mo kaya iisipin, like yung venue, yung susuotin mo, schedule, etc. Eh 6 months na nga lang prep time namin for the wedding eh, ayaw na namin mag-dagdag pa ng hindi naman ganun ka-important samin.

c. Ready an external hard drive
They advised us this one. Para after ng wedding, you can have all the copy of the photos and videos . So in case something happens sa file nila, let’s say ma-corrupt or anything, you’ll have the peace of mind na at least may copy kayo pareho.

d. If you can have a drone shot, go for it
Sobrang ganda ng drone shots sa beach weddings, that’s why we really asked our P/V team to include the drone in the package. If you haven’t seen our wedding SDE, go check it out.

CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel Wedding SDE

12 PHOTO VIDEO-02-01

Akala ko dati hindi naman big deal yung sounds in beach weddings. I mean, any speaker will do, right? Pero I learned na hindi pala. Haha. It matters pala na maganda yung quality kasi ang tendency sa beach, sobrang hangin. Baka hindi maintindihan yung sounds na puro hangin lang yung maririnig. Or worse, baka sabog yung tunog. We don’t want that.

a. Don’t forget to allot a space for them in the venue
Give them an area and make sure na malapit sa power supply. Consider also na dapat may shade kasi what if biglang umulan.

b. There’s a difference between hiring just a sound-tech personnel and a DJ
Hiring a DJ will be more costly, pero I must say na it’s worth it. A professional DJ knows their craft well so that should give you peace of mind when it comes to the quality of service and on what music will best suit the wedding. Nag-bigay lang kami ng specific songs for specific parts of the ceremony and reception, and few songs na he can use as a reference para malaman nya kung anong taste namin.

CLICK HERE: #DarelOneForRenel – DJ Michael Lantoria of Soundrave

c. Hiring musicians or live bands is optional
Since we already have a DJ, hindi na kami kumuha ng live performers for the reception. Okay na yung house music na lang. And besides, we want to achieve the chill beach vibe. So it worked well for us.

For the ceremony, we had a praise and worship as part of the program. We tapped few people from our guests na churchmates namin, and asked them if they can lead it. We just gave them the songs and they made our wedding more memorable. In this case, we just informed our sounds supplier the type and no. instruments, and no. of mics needed by our friends.

d. On choosing a wedding march song
Sobrang no brainer samin ‘to ni Darel kasi we’re the upbeat kind of people when it comes to the choice of music. Haha. I made him choose from my favorite violin playlist to be the song for the entourage party and his entrance. We had The Show Goes On (Lupe Fiasco) mashed up with Pachelbel’s Canon. Hiphop na classical. Perfect! Hahaha. As for me, I chose Jason Derulo’s Marry Me. Sobrang parang party nga yung wedding eh. Hahaha. Hindi na namin inattempt na kumuha ng live musicians for this. Okay na kami na i-play na lang mismo ng DJ namin. Hahaha.

CLICK HERE: Procession (The Show Goes On / Canon – Violin)

CLICK HERE: Bridal Walk & Recessional (Marry Me – Jason Derulo)

CLICK HERE: Signing of Marriage Covenant (What a Beautiful Name It Is – Viloin Instrumental)

CLICK HERE: Couple Entrance on Reception (The Other Side – Jason Derulo | start with chorus 1:09)

CLICK HERE: Couple’s Dance (Maybe the Night, Ben and Ben)

13 SOUNDS-01-01.jpg

14. CAKE
On beach weddings, it’s not necessary to have big wedding cakes. You can choose to have a simple one, depende sa taste nyo ng fiancé mo. We decided to have a 2-tier cake and we booked it from a wedding expo. Hindi namin masyadong ineffortan yung cake kasi we thought hindi naman masyado napapansin yun. Haha. Less than 10,000php nga lang yung cake namin eh. Not bad!

a. If you can’t find a local supplier, you can order from a Manila-based supplier
This would work if maliit lang yung cake nyo, let’s say 2-tier lang kagaya ng samin. We just asked someone to pick-up the cake on the morning of the wedding, since may mga friends kami na mang-galing pa rin sa Quezon City. Medyo scary nga lang, pero okay naman. Buo naman sya nakadating ng venue. Hahaha.

14 CAKE-01-01

Wait lang. Hinga muna tayo. Haha. Feeling ko kasi sobrang haba na nito. Let me pause here for a while. For the 2nd part, I’ll talk about the ff.:

15. HMUA
21. DIYs


Venue: La Andreax Beach ResortCasa AngelinaCasa Luzviminda
Catering: Viring’s Heritage Cuisine Catering Services
Photo & Video: Imagine This Creatives
Sound: DJ Mike of Soundrave Lights & Sound
Lights and Genset: Audio Frequency
Cocktails: Proudly Promdi
Lechon (and tent): Dasha Thai Cuisine
Cake: Bethany Dream Cakes
Peacock Chair: Peacock Chairs Pampanga Vintage 1970’s
HMUA: TeamRed – MakeUp by RedGa
Wedding Rings: Radiant Jewelry
Wedding Dress: Tantease
Darel’s Barong: Onesimus
Flowers: Nesly’s flower services
Crew meal: LC’s
Printing of Program Fans: Joshua Villaruz
Officiating Pastor: Rev. Rey Avante
Host: Dave Capule
OTD Coords: Dane Najos, Mitch Sy Quimsiam, Jojen, Tins of Purple Belle Events

**And to our friends who offered their help!**

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    1. Wow! Thank you for sharing the details and planning of your wedding. We’ll be having beach wedding on the same venue and this will surely help a lot.


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