Staycation In Clark For Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

Darel and I are not really big fans of hotel staycations. We actually prefer taking real vacations instead of booking an overnight stay in a hotel. I don’t know. It’s just not our thing. Haha. But here are few reasons why we ended up choosing this Midori Hotel staycation instead of going somewhere else:

1. Initally, we really wanted to do another backpacking trip
Yes, just like what we did for our honeymoon but this time kahit 1 week lang, just like what I used to do before I got married to Darel. But the thing about doing backpacking trips as a couple is that it becomes quite costly kasi syempre, you don’t want to stay in dorms/shared rooms. Well, pwede naman, pero kasi it’s our 1st wedding anniversary so malamang diba, we want to have our own private room. Hahaha. So because of budget reasons, we had to temporarily let go of our our inital plan. Iba na talaga ang priorities ‘pag married ka na and you have bills to pay.

2. We wanted to “relax” as much as possible
Things are quite stressful and really tiring for the past months, and I feel like we had so many things in our plate that it’s hard to relax even if we are in the comforts of our own home. Which is probably another reason why the backpacking is cancelled because backpacking trips aren’t really relaxing. Yes, it’s fun, but you have to keep your “adventurous” blood running most of the time. Gusto namin this time kasi yung tipong pwedeng naka-tunganga lang kami tapos everything we need will be easily provided. Hahaha.

3. gave us a really good deal!
Siguro kung wala sa itong Midori, we wouldn’t even consider staying here. Hahaha. The regular price of the rooms is not cheap at all, pero I must say na it was kinda worth it because almost everything is indeed 5-star. Another reason why we opted for a hotel somewhere up North is because of less traffic. It only took us what, less than 2 hours, from our place to Clark? That would be impossible if we are to book a hotel which will require us to go through Edsa.

Anniv at Midori (1).jpg

So there! Those are few reasons why this Midori staycation happened. We left Manila a little past 9am, and we decided to have our brunch somewhere in Clark. I just googled possible food options and Matam-Ih popped up. I was actually craving for a lot of Filipino food last week and this resto is considered #1 based on TripAdvisor, so we decided to give it a go. They open at 10am and we got there around 10:30. We were one of the first few customers, and the ambiance is quite nice. Probinsya feels.


Matam-Ih offers authentic Kapampangan cuisine and it certainly didn’t disappoint! We ordered Sisig and Salmon sa Miso and I must say that it was one of the best meals I’ve had in my life. It was so good that I didn’t mind even if there were a quite a number of flies trying to steal our food. Haha. Well, the place isn’t air-conditioned so the fly-situation must be quite expected. But I think they do have an air-conditioned room pero we didn’t bother because we love the presko feels of the al fresco.


I also ordered their Tamarind drink, which I eventually regret having because I love Tamarind candies and the fruit itself, but when it’s a drink it becomes kinda weird. Anyway, don’t you just love how they wrap their rice in banana leaves?


Anniv at Midori (4).jpg
In case you haven’t seen my IG post about my new hair color, YES, it is now BLUE!

Anniv at Midori (10).jpg

It was a good peaceful morning as we had our brunch in Matam-Ih. I also love how the restaurant sits in an area surrounded by trees. Just thinking about it makes me wanna go back and eat their Sisig again. Uggghhh!! So, in case you find yourself somewhere near Clark, you should definitely visit this place. ♥

The standard check-in time of Midori is 3:00pm but since we got there super early, we tried to request if we can have an early check-in. This is actually possible through but they replied through email that they will do their best to accommodate us, but cannot promise. Of course, we understand. So, we just waited in the lobby as we enjoyed our complimentary drinks (I had iced tea and Darel requested if he can have a black coffee). I worked on few wedding photos which needs editing while Darel decided to read his book (or was he playing his NSwitch? I dunno).



Prior this trip, I tried to google some reviews about Midori and I can’t seem to find any recent ones. Yung mga nakita ko was around 2016 pa ata and it was very few. So nung una iniisip ko, okay ba talaga dito? Hahaha. It was funny because when we first arrived and the guards checked the car, and after asking where’s the parking area, Darel was greeted, “Goodluck Sir!”. It got us confused for a while, until we realized… “Ahhh… Casino nga pala kasi.” HAHAHAHA. Yes, Midori is a hotel and has a casino. Well, everyone was so polite and accommodating, and that’s something any hotel should be well known for.

After about 2 hours of waiting (we didn’t realize, we were so fixated doing our thing), we were finally able to check-in. Our room was located at the 3rd floor, and I love how they turned extra spaces into usable areas. Look at how cute this little corner is!


Anniv at Midori (16).jpg

We booked the Deluxe Double Room (which includes a buffet breakfast for two), and it looks cozy enough even without the carpeted flooring. I really like hotels with carpeted floors pero in Midori’s case, this is understandable because of their outdoor bathtub. Yes, they do have this feature! The tub in the balcony area. Feeling ko nga ito lang talaga pinunta namin dito eh. Hahaha! Scroll down for the photos of the room. ♥

Anniv at Midori (17).jpg



Anniv at Midori (21).jpg





Anniv at Midori (28).jpg

Anniv at Midori (31).jpg

Overall, everything is nice. Very straightforward design and finishes (this is me speaking as an architect haha), but we honestly think that they can improve on 2 things:

(1) Install a bidet spray. Haha! Medyo surprising and bothering in a way to know that a luxury 5-star hotel doesn’t have a bidet installed in their toilet. I mean, bidet spray is a necessity nowadays, diba? HAHAHA. Inisip ko nga, medyo bagong hotel lang naman ‘to, so how come they don’t have it? I also understand that the design of the bathroom is quite simple (separate shower and toilet area) because I think they focused more on the outdoor tub. So baka nakalimutan? Or binawi sa outdoor tub? Haha!

(2) Having a phone in the balcony would be very helpful, especially for people like us who stayed most of the time near the tub. Medyo hassle kasi yung you have to go inside the room pa if you need to order something, or just to answer the phone, and etc. I mean, if we’re really going for comfort and convenience, this could really add more points.

Anniv at Midori (34).jpg

Who did it better? Hahaha.

We decided to check the amenities of the hotel, because why not? Haha. And of course the first thing we visited was the pool area. I find it amusing that the separate locker rooms are the entrance to the pool. It kinda reminds me of Ace Water Spa. Hahaha! Wala masyadong tao that time, and steads lang yung pool. Not so big because they only have few rooms (about a hundred, I think?) but everything was clean. Even the locker and shower area.



We also checked their gym, which has a really nice view of the greeneries, and Darel could’ve tried using it the next morning pero hindi siya nagising ng maaga eh. Haha. They also have a trail guide for those who wants to jog in the area, na hindi rin nagawa ni Darel kasi nga late siya nagising. Hahaha. I also love how spacious their corridors are and has a natural light. We were actually thinking to get a massage, but when we  saw the prices of their massage packages, grabe, halos nag-book ka na rin for another night. Hahaha. It is so expensive!


Anniv at Midori (40).jpg

We learned that they have a “roof garden” on the 6th floor, so we decided to check it out. Pero ito lang pala yun (photo below). Hahaha. Umasa pa naman ako na as in garden talaga. There are also rooms who can access this directly from their “balcony/tub area”, which is medyo weird if there are people (like us) na gustong tumambay sa “roof garden”. I even saw one of the guests that time (tub-ready) and ako yung nahiya so sabi ko kay Darel umalis na agad kami. Hahaha.

Anniv at Midori (41).jpg


I spent most of my childhood having fun in our tub in the house, so nung tumanda na ako it doesn’t excite me that much anymore. But trying it in an “outdoor-ish” setting like this in Midori was a totally new experience. Ang saya lang nung there’s a good view of the trees and sky, pati na rin yung full natural light and the total feel of not being confined in the walls of your bathroom. Oh by they way, in case you opt for a little bit of privacy, they have a shower curtain available.


Anniv at Midori (50).jpg


Anniv at Midori (47).jpg

Anniv at Midori (52).jpg

Anniv at Midori (53).jpg
We decided to have in-room dining for dinner. Mga tamad lumabas. Haha.

The next day was our anniversary, and this is what I woke up to (left photo). Darel had his anniversary greeting on the TV, so I could see it the moment I wake up. Pero malabo mata ko so hindi ko agad napansin. Hahaha. We enjoyed their buffet breakfast and after that, I decided to let him watch the anniversary video I made from the raw copy of videos from our wedding. Watch it HERE!



The candid shot that made it to my saved photos. Hahaha.


We dropped by in Subic to have late lunch and to check a Nike Outlet Store (they were on sale that weekend). Sayang nga kasi the ones we wanted were no longer available in our sizes, 50% off pa naman yun! And because I’ve been craving for good Filipino dishes, we decided to eat in Gerry’s Grill and surprisingly bumped into some good friends of mine! Haha. Ang saya lang nung weather that day, perfect for a beach day. Siguro kung wala lang kaming schedules that weekend, hindi pa muna kami umuwi. We could’ve headed straight to Zambales! Hay. Ang saya mangarap. Hahaha.



Overall, it was a good staycation experience! First time namin actually mag-staycation ng kami lang. Haha. We will definitely come back and maybe try their massage (HAHA) to see if it’s really worth the money. Or not, because like what I said, pwede mo na ipang-book ng isa pang gabi yung price ng massage nila. Hahaha! Ah basta. We had great time! ♥

Midori Clark Hotel and Casino
Kalayaan St., C.M. Recto Avenue, Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines

Hotel: +63 45 308 8888

+63 45 308 8888

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