I am now on Facebook!

Yes! This blog is now on Facebook!

Few months ago, I tried switching my personal Instagram to a business account because I just want to see how the analytics work (and it’s free anyways). WordPress have this built-in analytics thing so I’m really curious on how it looks like on IG. So with that, I tried promoting some of my IG posts which are linked to some of my write-ups in this blog, and surprisingly I did get a good number of engagements. But one thing I didn’t like or quite unsure of, was the fact that once you set-up your IG to a business account, you will automatically have a Facebook Page. And it got me thinking, “What am I supposed to do with it?”.

It took me this long to finally decide that maybe, just maybe, having this blog on Facebook would help me reach a targeted audience. Instagram is helpful but from my observation, most of the people who actually takes time to read are those who are using Facebook than Instagram. Hmm. Maybe because IG is made for showcasing photos to begin with? Or because it’s easier to share direct links on FB compared to IG? Well, I’ve seen the beauty of it when I was a little active on a Facebook Group that caters to those who are about to get married, and it’s where I dropped the link to my most-viewed blog post as of the moment: 28 Things to Consider in Planning A Wedding: Specifically Beach Weddings (Part2) with 1,178 views. I published it last May 1 and today is just the 29th so I think it’s a pretty good number. I also received a couple of inquiries on my FB messenger because of it, so I think it’s the best way to go.

I also realized that once you have switched your IG account to a business one, sharing an IG post will be automatically directed to your Facebook Page and no longer to your personal Facebook account. Boo! Another reason why I am forced to finally make use of the Page. Haha. I don’t know if this makes any sense to you but I’m just saying that I’m about to try something new here, and maybe you want to check it out and give it a like! I have a little widget down this post. ♥

SavingSupergirl is now on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “I am now on Facebook!

  1. wow dear, you did first start IG then wordpress to FB hhehe..true indeed..me, I am the other way around..you inspired me to do wordpress…I am not a very techie one but instagram is a bit boring for me as I have more feel with my self to FB page…

    good way to start with indeed there you go soon, an event planner on the making…join our circles and I am sure you will enjoy it as I have seen you have an eye for organizing and very passionate with your stuff…GOD BLESS atta girl..super girl indeed..

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