My Top 10 WEIRD & FUNNY (Sometimes Annoying) Experiences While Living In A Condo

I’ve always wanted to live in a condo, and while some people may have mixed opinions with this revelation (HAHA), let me share few reasons why. Although honestly, I think these reasons will gradually change as Darel and I start to build our own family. I mean, it works for now because there’s only the two of us. Who knows how many kids we’ll have in the future? Hahaha.

When I was still single, I already know that the number one advantage of living in a condo is convenience. But I’ve never really understood how convenient is convenient until I started to live in one. Right after Darel and I got married, we immediately moved-in to a 1-bedroom condo unit somewhere here in QC, and since then, I’ve personally experienced this “convenience” thing they are all talking about.

I mean, how can you not love being near restaurants, grocery, coffee shops, and other commercial establishments? I can basically crave for anything and Darel can just go down and buy it. HAHA. Also, the 24/7 security is worth the association dues. Especially if your husband is such a friendly person and he knows all the staff. Hahaha! It’s very useful too because Darel and I usually travel (although it has become less now that we are married), and we are comfortable with the fact that we can leave our home for a couple of days, not worrying if it’s safe or not. Aside from that, if there’s any concern in your water/electricity, you can easily call the maintenance for assistance.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a glimpse of what it’s like to live with us. Haha! It’s been a year since we moved here and there are both positive and negative things that go with it. I’m not going to talk about that, but instead, I’ll be sharing my top 10 weird and funny (sometimes annoying) experiences of condo-living. Ready?

#10: Elevator Roundtrippers
You may judge me for this but I easily get annoyed when people don’t check the sign of the elevator before going in. Many times I will hear, “Ay, down pa pala. HEHE.” or sometimes, “Tara sakay na tayo.” which then results to no more space left for those people who are patiently waiting on the other floors. Okay lang naman if it’s an honest mistake pero if you really do it on purpose, edi ano pang silbi ng up and down buttons ng elevator?

We used to politely inform people if it’s down or up but then there was this one incident with a guy who’s actually going up pero dadaan pa ng kami ng basement. We told him, the elevator is still going down, and he sarcastically answered, “I know, then it will go up again right??!” So sige fine. Buti isa lang siya. It gets more annoying when a group of people do this and they don’t even mind. At all.

#9: Why Is There So Much Dust?
We used to open our windows during daytime but we realized that sometimes flies and other insects come in (because we are just in a low floor level) so we just chose to keep it permanently closed. Surprisingly, it’s not that hot. We can survive some days without turning on the fan/air-condition, although we use it when we sleep. Since then, we thought that the amount of dust will be lessened, but no. I think it’s still the same. Haha. It probably comes from the common hallway because y’know, doors are not really that sealed underneath. Also, I’m thinking it could be coming from our shoes? Haha. I don’t know. Which is why we always need to sweep our floor everyday and mop it as frequent as possible.

#8: Floor Mat In The Common Hallway
I noticed this just recently in our floor and at first I thought that the tenant probably forgot to put it back inside. However, it has been there for days now. Hahaha. I won’t be surprised if next time, I’ll see shoes being left at the hallway as well. But seriously, why?? Is the common hallway an extension of your unit?? I’ve heard that in other floors, the fire exit is being used as laundry/storage of other tenants. Tsk tsk. They sure got a memo for that.

Edit: May sapatos na nga daw sa labas according to Darel. Hahahaha.

#7: Barefoot, Really?
I cannot believe that there are actually people who do this. Yung totoo. I know the sound of someone walking barefoot on a tiled surface, and I was really shocked when I finally got to see it with my own eyes! One day I saw 3 young ladies waiting for the elevator in our floor. Someone’s still in her pajama, without any shoes/slippers on. The other is holding a cooking pan on one hand, with a cooking oil in the other. The last one’s got a towel on her head, holding a bucket of ChickenJoy in one hand, and happily munching on a piece of chicken. Aside from that, ang ingay nila.

I don’t know if I am to laugh or be annoyed. Yung mata ko nanlaki na lang and I pretty sure had a hard time controlling my temper. They went up so I’m assuming that they have another unit in one of the upper floors. Darel and I both noticed that there are a lot of tenants here who own multiple units. True enough, although it’s sad to say: money can’t buy class. Sorry.

#6: The Grocery Pushcart
There’s a grocery near our place and one time, I did our grocery forgetting that Darel is not with me. HAHA. I bought 2 weeks worth of supplies and I had no idea how I’ll carry it all back home. I asked the bagger if he can help me, “Kuya, pwede po bang hindi lang sa parking?” Hahaha. Well, ginagawa naman daw talaga nila yun, so he pushed the pushcart along the road (kasabay ng mga kotse), papunta sa amin. Hahaha.

#5: Neighbors Who Leave Their Door Open
I just can’t understand why they have to do this. It makes me laugh and frustrated at the same time. Ang nakaka-asar pa dun, their unit doesn’t smell that nice so every time we will go out and their door is open, we can really smell unpleasant odors from time to time. Well, they don’t really leave it open as in super open. I think it’s just the perfect opening to annoy people. And hey! It works! Hahaha.

#4: Drop, Cover, Hug
Remember the recent earthquake few weeks ago? Darel and I were both here and we were busy watching Sherlock Holmes (the series) on Netflix when suddenly I heard cracking sounds from the walls, the electric fan was swaying, and I’m getting quite dizzy. We both panicked for a few good seconds, and unsure of what to do, we decided to just hug each other, waiting for the earthquake to stop. HAHAHAHAHA. When it stopped, we immediately went out, headed for the fire exit and went to the open space assigned by the admin.

You may think that this is already funny but wait, there’s more. When we got into the lobby, after taking the fire exit, we saw a kid (no longer a toddler) who’s just wearing his underwear. Hahahaha. Nalimutan ata nya mag-shorts sa sobrang kaba.

#3: Someone Parked In The Slot Reserved For Us
There’s this parking space in the basement reserved for tenants who decides to rent one. At the same time, there’s also a pay parking, since the condo also have some commercial establishments connected to it. One night, we got home seeing that there’s a car parked in our slot. So anyway, after talking to the guard asking why it happened even if there’s a traffic cone which should prevent it from happening, we later realized na sinagasaan lang pala nung kotse yung traffic cone na andun kaya siya nakapag-park. Haha. Ang husay diba??

#2: Our Floor Smelled Fish
Our favorite neighbor who leaves their door open is fond of frying fish. Sometimes, I’ll go home and notice that the hallway smells like fish. Hindi lang yun! Dahil katapat nga namin sila, minsan pumasok yung amoy sa loob ng unit namin. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. Bakit kayo ganyan?? :( Why can’t you just open your windows instead, or use the kitchen exhaust maybe??

#1: The Common Hallway Was Used For Dance Practices
I. Just. Can’t. Hahahaha! This happened last Tuesday and I still can’t believe that it really happened. You know how it is in condos where the sounds in the hallway could easily be heard when you are inside the units? Normally it’s really quiet here, but that day, I keep on hearing voices coming from the hallway and it sounds like they are comfortably hanging out. I decided to go outside and pretend to go near the elevator just to check, and I saw these young people sitting on the floor, as if it’s a school corridor, sound-tripping. Ang saya nga nila eh. Parang sa kanila yung buong floor. Well, it turns out that they were practicing for a dance number. I was watching them from the door’s peephole.

Nasabihan na pala sila ng guard before (we were probably not home during that time) but apparently, ito umulit nanaman. Okay lang naman mag-practice sana sila, sige. Pero why not dun na lang sa mas appropriate place, like sa baba. Sa open area near the pool, or sa roofdeck. Diba??

So there! Such interesting neighbors we have, don’t you think? Haha. Condo living will surely let you meet delinquent neighbors. And I must say that it’s really hard to find good neighbors nowadays. There may be no definite condo-living etiquette but if you know how to respect other people, I’m sure you would be mindful if what you’re doing is bothering other tenants or not. Aside from that, feeling ko kung mag building admin officer ako, everyday ako gagawa ng memo sa mga ganitong klaseng tao/tenant. Hahahaha.

Do you have other weird and funny (sometimes annoying) experiences like these when it comes to condo-living?

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9 thoughts on “My Top 10 WEIRD & FUNNY (Sometimes Annoying) Experiences While Living In A Condo

  1. I wanted to live in a condo when I was younger. I imagine I will at least for a year before I leave this earth. My friend lives in a condo and she’s had some of the same weird things happen, lol!! Nice post


  2. Oh my. This post of yours came in timely. 😃 I am close to letting my fumes out just a week ago because we have this neighbor (they’re a group) who would smoke consistently everyday for a couple of hours. They do this sa terrace kaso kapag humahangin, ang smoke pumapasok sa unit namin. ‘Di na tuloy kami makapagbukas ng bintana at pinto sa terrace kasi may skin asthma ako and rhinitis. 😐 I read in one article that the home association rules have to be strictly implemented. Because condo living is basically living in a community that is why there are rules for the benefit of all at para peaceful lahat ng nakatira kasi walls lang ang pagitan. Hindi sya yung setup na tulad ng sariling bahay at lupa where you can just do anything you want.

    I admire you dear for being patient enough and being able to laugh it off even. I, on the one hand, couldn’t take it anymore and went outside pretending to water my plants and talking to my husband complaining about the cigarette smoke, although spoken in a gentle manner naman. I hope they heard the part where I said that offenses have corresponding penalties. 😀

    I wanted to file a complaint at the admin’s office but my Mom advised me against it. Sabi nya baka daw mas lalong mainis ang neighbor and lalo kaming asarin or pagtripan and worse pagbantaan ng buhay. So every time we try to open the windows and naaamoy ko, I just close it and magi-inhale and exhale deeply na lang ako sabay salita ng “Grace, grace, grace, I need extra grace, Lord. I badly need it.” 😅

    Sorry for ranting here. Hehe But for the other conveniences of condo living, I can relate with you. 👍 I guess living with different kinds of neighbors is part of the package in condo living. I just pray they’d be decent enough to follow the rules para everybody will be happy. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. P.S. I am guilty of cooking fish (tuyo) pero I discovered ways to keep the smell down. 😅 I cook it along with lots of garlic, turn the kitchen exhaust to high, close all doors and windows while cooking, open the exhaust of the cr, rotate the fan, then spray a room deodorizer after or a cologne. 😉 In just less than an hour, the fishy smell is gone. 👍 I am very conscious of this I would ask my husband to go out and check if he smells something sa hallway. Mahirap na at baka bagong laba ang neighbor, I don’t want the same thing to happen to me too. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Uy! Okay itong hack mo ah! Will try it soon especially if super maamoy ng niluluto ko. Pero sana maging kagaya mo rin sa pagiging considerate itong neighbor namin. 😑 Haha.


      2. Ahahay Truth. Once a month na lang din ako magluto ng tuyo ngayon, ‘pag may craving lang. 😁 Pag-pray na lang natin sila. 🙏❤😊

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    2. Thank you for sharing your condo-living experiences! Hay naku. Sadly, many people doesn’t know to respect their neighbors mapa-sarili mang lupa or even in condos. Alam mo, minsan ginagawa ko rin yung ginawa mo. I would go outside our unit and speak loudly saying, “Ay. Ang baho naman. Mangangamoy tayo. Bilis.” Hahaha. Yung tipong onting parinig na dinadaan na lang sa joke. Pero sadly, wala pa rin nangyayari.

      I agree. Grace na lang talaga ipagpray natin kay God and hope na sana temporary tenants lang itong mga delinquent neighbors natin. Let’s pray na God will give us good neighbors soon! ❤️


      1. Amen to that, sis. ❤🙏 Always praying for a change of hearts. 😊 In God’s perfect time. Tiis tiis daw muna tayo sa ngayon. 😁

        Liked by 1 person

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