Visiting Korea in June

We visited Korea early this month and in this video, you’ll see the summary of the things we did. ♥ Warning: There’s a lot of Korean food! Hahaha. June is actually the start of Korea’s summer time. Sakto lang yung days na andun kami kasi hindi ganun ka-init. In fact, we enjoyed the weather so much!

I haven’t been taking like tons of videos in trips lately. Nakakalimutan ko kasi. Kung meron man, yung iba super lousy ones and shaky, so forgive me if some clips are super fail. Haha. Also, super dami ko na rin kasing videos sa archive ko (been keeping ones even from way back 2006) so baka unti-unti ko na naiisip na baka wala na akong storage space? Haha! I included some captions in this video so it’s just like I’m telling you the story behind the clips.

I’ll be making separate posts for some details about it so I can show you more photos and more stories. Wait for it. ♥ For the meantime, enjoy this video!

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